Friday, 16 March 2012

Review: Perfect Partners Vibrators: aka the one I can't live without

OK so I do warn you.... you will probably think I'm fucking insane after reading this.... but what the heck!

So I'm not the easiest person to make come in the world. In fact, when I first started buying sex toys I bought loads of different 'bullet' style vibrators in an attempt to find one that did it for me (rabbits always worked a treat but I wanted something I could use whist Alex was fucking me). At the time I was still a student so cost was an issue - I needed to find something cheap that worked (though it the long run I could have probably splashed out, but was scared of paying lots then it not working for me).  Toy after toy the vibrations wouldn't quite be strong enough, or the shape wasn't quite right, or the whole thing was just bloody awkward. That was all until I came across this little gem!

Unfortunately I have no idea where we actually bought the original from, and at the time I'm pretty sure it was called a lady finger. But first use and it was wonderful. There's something about this ugly little plastic toy that looks like it has traveled forward in time from the 80's that just works - and works well.

After finally finding 'the one', we promptly bought another as back up. They're really cheaply manufactured so we were worried in case it broke and we were left vibration-less. Six months down the line, the inevitable happened,  can't remember how now - all I remember is the devastation that followed! We searched and searched on all our favourite websites and the deepest darkest corners of the internet for a replacement.... but still no luck. We began to give up hope, clutching on to our last remaining toy, desperate for it not to die a horrible death. We'd have moments when we thought we'd found it and get very excited, only to realise when they arrived through the door that they was ever-so-slightly different... and just not up to scratch.

After having more or less completely given up on our search, I was wading through the vast expanse of bullet vibes on about a month ago - and eureka! This time I was almost convinced this was the one.... that smooth contour at the tip, that cheap looking plastic in various colours, and the horrendously tacky novelty padded cases...

It arrived - I ripped open the packaging and rushed to my bedroom drawer for a new battery. YES! It was the right one! Since the discovery I have ordered 4 more - they're only a fiver and I wasn't going to go through all that stress again! So I have a whole little flock of them now sitting in my drawer! This does make me happy :-)

Anyway - that's enough of my ramblings, here's my actual review of this little lovely:

It's cheap, it's crappy, it's not waterproof. It is made out of hard plastic and has a curved tip to the end.  Various colours are available but it's luck of the drawer which you get when you order. You turn it on by twisting the cap until it's fully shut - this method is a bit annoying at times because if you try to turn it off too quickly (loosening it) sometimes the cap flies off and the battery falls out which is rather annoying. There is only one speed setting. It's fairly small and in certain positions not intrusive during sex. It has the strongest vibrations I have come across for a bullet-type vibe, but unsurprisingly it's also pretty noisy (though saying that, I don't think vibrator noise carries much through walls - had a discussion with my old housemates and none of us ever heard each others vibes - even though we could hear everything else). Being solid plastic it's reasonably easy to clean, though you can't submerge it fully in water or sterilize it, it just needs a quick going over with a sex toy wipe, or a spray with a sex toy cleaner and rinse - as it's only really for external use it doesn't really get too dirty anyway.  As I have mentioned above, it comes in this disgustingly tacky packaging that makes it look like it has come straight out of a vending machine, see for yourself.

Perfect Partner's Vibrator is (strangely I know) without doubt my favourite vibrator I own. That said, there are lots of others on the market that I'd really like to try but can't afford right at the moment (I'm desperate for a wand or an Eroscillator), so until I can this will keep me going. If you're looking for a budget bullet vibe around the £5 mark then look no further - this certainly is a cheap thrill.

He says:
Look, there are some things in life that make no sense.  Where others with far more pedigree have fallen, this vibrator has conquered all.  It is crappy looking, made out of crappy hard plastic, and comes in a crappy case.  It lasts for maybe two years on average before death.  But that works out at about £2.50 a year (plus A LOT of batteries) for untold (or indeed extensively told above) happiness.  I suspect a womans taste in vibrators is a very individual thing, but for Lucy this clearly does the trick.  


  1. I don't think you're insane! Like you say, some expensive 'uxury' toys can be shit, so why can't some cheapy toys be great? :)

    You've got me pretty intrigued by this one now! Might have to give it a go some time.

  2. My favorite toy is a $15 (believe that is in the area of 6 pounds) bullet from my favorite toy shop I cried when my first one broke. And then I cried when the replacement broke after its first use. (That replacement is expected to arrive in a few days - and I miss it horribly!) Cheap is sometimes best!

  3. My favorite vibrator so far was a very cheap classic style vibrator that never functioned perfectly and eventually just fell apart, but it still had the best vibes in the world. Now I want the one you reviewed here!!! It seems like a perfect replacement and I found it on, but unfortunately it costs about five times what you paid for it. Hmmm maybe some day... :)

  4. All depends on how much you have got to spend, some of the cheap vibrators, yes might die after maybe a year or two, "well depends on how much you use it" are good value for money. But say you have £100 to spend your going to get something that has been tried and tested to the max, so you know its not going to break down on you, and on the plus side the rechargeable vibrators are going to save you a few quid on batteries over a period of time. So it is entirely up you. Personally i like the look of the new leaf design.

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