Friday, 30 March 2012

Review: Rocks Off Naughty Boy

He Says:

This toy is made from a smooth silicone which has an almost velvety texture. It is pretty firm to the touch, but able to bend easily about the narrow neck to fit your body. The quality seems reasonably high, but it is clear this toys is formed from joining two halves together, with a very visible (but not sharp or raised) mould line running down the centre of the toy.

The naughty boy also comes with a vibrator, which slots into the end (and is removable so the insertable part can be sterilised by boiling). The vibrator could be used independently, and seems to have average vibrations for a bullet this size.

Inserting this toy is fairly easy with a small dollop of water-based lube. The shape is well thought out in this respect (I was always slightly dubious looking at the shape of this range of toys!). The tip of the massager just sits against my prostate with the base against my perineum. However, because of the way it conforms, the base does not really apply pressure to my perineum.

I have another serious problem with this toy. It doesn't stay in! Now I do enjoy playing with large toys on a regular basis. But I do not have this problem even with fairly small butt plugs. For me there is simply not a sufficient difference in girth between the bulge and the neck. This may not be the case for others, but it is definitely something to consider.

If this toy were otherwise awesome, I would recommend a wider toy in the range to avoid this problem. There is however, what I believe to to be a more intrinsic problem. The naughty boy is seriously underpowered. The vibrations do not really propagate through the body of the toy, and are fairly weak at the end where it presses against your prostate. Rather I can only feel a vague non-specific buzzing sensation in my nether regions, that doesn't do anything to get me off. You can't even press it further against your prostate to try and extract more sensation due to the shape of the toy. Increasing the pressure by flexing my sphincter improved matters, but only slightly.

I would like to thank Rocks Off for sending us this product to review. I have always been really interested in the idea of prostate massagers. Some men report incredible effects from using them, even without vibration. But having given the naughty boy several tries, I have to report that sadly it does nothing for me. It maybe that the problem is with me, but I suspect more pressure and stronger vibrations would help.

She Says:

To be honest, I don’t have a huge amount to say about naughty boy, because as the name implies, it is a boys toy, mainly for prostate massage. Visually, it looks nice and it made from a good quality silicone. As Alex has said, the bullet is removable which makes for easy cleaning. I’ve tried using the bullet for clitoral stimulation, but found that its vibrations weren’t strong enough for me to enjoy it, and just left me feeling quite frustrated. Maybe it's a product that could be improved by stronger vibrations.  

Another point to quickly mention is that the packaging is very nice. Usually I don't bother commenting on packaging as personally I find it a bit pointless, poor packaging isn't going to make me not want a good toy and vice-versa. Naughty boy comes in a stylish study black cardboard box with a clear front, which could be used for storage purposes if you so desired. 

In conclusion the naughty boy doesn't really seem effective for Alex. But I know this toy is very highly regarded elsewhere, and by his own admission prostate stimulation doesn't do as much for Alex as it seemingly does many other guys, so I would suggest it maybe worthwhile checking out some other reviews before you make your mind up on it. It is widely available at many sex toy retailers including and Lovehoney

Thank you once again to the people at Rocks Off for sending us this product to test. 

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