About us

Our names are Alex and Lucy, we're a young horny, crazy in love couple in our twenties. We're both bisexual and love masturbating with our toys, together or alone - hence the blog name. It's a very exciting time for us at the moment as we've just got married!

Blogging is something we had been thinking about doing for quite a while, before we finally took the plunge. We love everything to do with sex, especially toys, and wanted to become more involved with a community that enjoys all things sex related too! Our aim is to provide thorough and interesting reviews which give both a male and a female perspective on things. Our reviews also concentrate on how we find using the products on each other, rather than just what we think about them for solo play. We also occasionally add in some sneaky bits and pieces from our own sex life and try and discuss any hot topics as we go along too.

As we're just starting out in the blogging community, any feedback about what we're doing right or where you think we could improve would be really appreciated!

Our relationship:

After dating for a while many moons ago, we spent some time apart. This gave us time to have some fun and explore our sexuality a bit more - eventually realising that the main thing that we wanted in our lives was each other. We've been together over four years again now and we got married in June.

Lucy loves...

Amelie (the film), photography (and my Canon SLR <3), vintage style lingerie, black coffee, lesbian porn, red wine, my trusty vibrator, Keira Knightly (especially in A Dangerous Method...), anal sex, musical theatre and Alex!

Alex loves...

Wushu films, science fiction, Babes n Horny, STRONG black coffee, gay porn, whisky, hot sauce (the hotter the better), hot sex (also the hotter the better!), being pegged, lacy underwear and Lucy!

We really hope you enjoy our blog, and we hope we can give you a slightly different perspective on things. Keep in touch - follow us on twitter. If you want to contact us just drop us an email at acoupleofwankers@gmail.com.

We are also both Tumblr addicts with hers and his tumblr blogs (or whatever you call them) collecting together our favourite pornographic and erotic images, as well as one highlighting some of our favourite artistic Sex Toy Snaps both of our own and from around the web.