Recommended Retailers

These are the retailers that we have personally shopped at and received excellent customer service from:

Renowned for their excellent customer service, speedy delivery and infamous 1-year returns policy.  Stocking all the essentials and more at very reasonable prices.

Panda Co. Designs
We LOVE Babes n Horny, there is a certain quality to their dildos that you just don't find elsewhere.  They're all handmade in the UK so great from an ethical perspective and come in such a huge range of sizes and colours - we just wish that we would win the lottery so we could buy them all!

Another great online retailer with a massive variety of toys on offer at great prices, we've also always had a very speedy and discrete delivery from them.

The Ultimate Fetish Sex Toy Store
There's lots of interesting and different things on this website which you don't see on some of the more mainstream sites, it's mostly bondage equipment.  Well worth a look, we've ordered from them a few times and had great customer service.