Wednesday 28 March 2012

Review: Give Lube

He says:

First up, the facts. This is a water-based lube, which means it is compatible with all sex toys and condoms. It is also free from glycerine (so shouldn't contribute to any nasty yeast infections) and parabens (which many people have long-term health concerns about, and certainly some people are allergic to). It is sold in three sizes (mini - 30ml, midi - 100ml and maxi - 250ml) at prices comparable to other premium brands. Give lube have very kindly sent us a tube each of the mini and the midi to review.

The packaging of this lube is reasonably discreet and fairly stylish in my opinion. Certainly if it were left on the side or amongst a couple of toiletries my eye would not be drawn to it particularly. The bottles have very secure flip tops. The only major disadvantage of this packaging is that you cannot see how much lube is left in a tube.

I quite like the consistency of this lube. It is thicker than most lubricants formulated for vaginal use, and thinner than most anal lubes. But rather than being a jack-of-all-trades this lube actually feels like it would be up to both tasks. And having tried this for vaginal intercourse, and insertion of toys anally I can report that this is indeed the case. This lube seemed to augment rather than supplant Lucy's natural wetness, and did not dry out at all during use, nor for a considerable time afterwards. For toy use, it spreads nicely and adheres pretty well, so was suitable for this, though did not have quite the same "padding" effect of some specialist anal lubricants.

However, this lube does lack in a couple of areas in my view. Firstly, although unflavoured it does have quite a strong bitter taste. I am pretty confident this comes from the aloe vera (listed by the alternative name aloe barbadensis in the ingredients). What kind of activities you might want to engage in whilst using lube will dictate how much of a problem this is for you. Certainly I find it more palatable than most over-sweetened flavoured lubes.

The other, and to me much more serious problem, is the feel of this lube on drying. Although it does not leave a sticky mess in the manner of glycerine-containing lubes, it leaves what I would describe as a slightly greasy residue. This is similar to that found from many moisturisers. Admittedly I am strangely fussy when it comes to the "skin feel" of lube, it would certainly put me off using this compared to our current favourite, Sliquid H20, which leaves no perceptible residue.

Overall, this is one of the best lubes I have tried. It certainly wins points for its versatility.The bottles we have will get finished off. But unlike using lots of sex toys dependent on subtly different moods and desires, we just stick to one or two for vaginal and toy use, and this lube will not be replacing our current choices.

She says:

When I first discovered this lube I was very excited. If I want lubricant for vaginal use it has to be glycerine free (otherwise I get thrush, too much information I know) and there aren't many products that fit this bill. As Alex has said, Give Lube is both glycerine-free and paraben-free - so is completely body-safe and is less likely to cause any allergic reactions.

Personally I have used the lube for vaginal and anal sex, as well as for masturbation with toys, again both vaginally and anally. In my opinion it is fantastically versatile and works well for all of these uses. It has a lovely cushioned texture and doesn't dry up too quickly. In fact, I stayed wet for a very long time afterwards.

I disagree with Alex about the feel of this lube on drying. I know what he means, it does feel like you've used a moisturiser, but I see that as an advantage rather than a disadvantage. It makes your skin feel ever so smooth and soft after use and it is completely non-sticky.

I love the size range that it comes in, the mini being absolutely perfect to slip in your handbag, or take with you for a dirty weekend - without the worry of sachets that might burst and cause a sticky mess. 

For me, there is only one reason why I won't be switching to this product, and that is the taste. I hate the taste of aloe vera. I know many people don't mind it, and I have certainly read plenty of glowing reviews about how this product is brilliant for oral sex because it lacks any flavour, so maybe it is just a matter of taste (ha).

In conclusion, a brilliant product which I would definitely recommend if you don't mind the taste of aloe vera or if you don't tend to get any lube in your mouth! Really wish it had a more palatable taste for me, because in all other aspects it is fantastic.

Thank you very much to Give Lube for sending us your product to test!  If you want to purchase some for yourself you can find a list of stockists on their website.

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