Saturday 24 March 2012

Review: Tantus General

He Says:
This is one of the largest dildos Tantus make. As far as toy names go, this one seems particularly apt. It is a scene stealer, in charge of any situation. No matter how much I rationally know the dimensions of a big toy, the immediate reaction when I first see it in the flesh will still be an internal "oooph". But it is not only the size of this dildo that conjures this effect. It suits black (red is the other colour option which would also look good, but maybe slightly less intimidating), and also has a wicked curve to it. This dildo looks wonderfully brutal and menacing in a harness. The other thing of beauty about this is that it is not just wide at the base, but also all the way down its length.

The General is made of a high quality silicone, as are all Tantus dildos. This particular model has a slightly matte surface, as opposed to the slightly glossier silicone used in many other Tantus toys. It is also fairly lightweight for silicone (considering its size!) and fairly springy. This dildo has an ovoid cross-section, rather than circular. I have found this actually makes it slightly more comfortable to insert than the equivalent diameter circular cross-section (I can't really think of a good reason why this should be the case however, surely it is the total circumference you have to stretch that should be important. Anyone with a better knowledge of anatomy care to share?).

Having said the above, inserting this is a challenge, as the head is large and fairly firm. I would recommend plenty of thick lube with this one (but actually all anal play, so that is slightly redundant. But I would emphasise it with this one. Which is why I mentioned it...). Once you get past the initial bulge there is a more forgiving trough, where I always find the need to relax for a moment. Thrusting this further in is again tricky, both due to the length, and also as I mentioned before, the general (endless fun) bulk of it filling you up. But it is worth the effort, it is a fairly blissful feeling having this inside you up to the hilt.

We own a mixture of big dildos and butt plugs. With small dildos and butt plugs, I normally don't find the sensation very different, as I tend to thrust in and out with them and the stimulation comes from the texture and movement. With large butt plugs however, you have that moment of intense stretch as you go past the widest point (and then the famous popping sensation as the plug is unceremoniously pulled in), and you are then stretched only by the neck of the plug. With large dildos you are stretched all the way down, and in this case it only gets wider as you push it deeper in. If you leave it in place, you are actually getting more stretched by this than by a plug with a wider maximum diameter. The word that comes to mind to describe this is "relentless". In a good way, mostly.

The angle and length of this dildo make it particularly good for using on yourself whilst lying on your back. The length also means that it is suitable for pegging, but personally I find that because there is such a pronounced dip around the middle it is difficult to thrust too vigourously. But it looks so good in a harness, I often find it difficult to resist. And I have to say I rather enjoy it when I am left with a reminder of what I was up to last night!

I am sorry if this review sounds slightly incoherent and indecisive. The shape and firmness of the General are certainly unforgiving. Before purchasing I would certainly suggest you get a tape measure out, and have a look at all the dimensions, not just the maximum circumference. Most of the time I prefer to use relatively little movement with this dildo. But sometimes one needs something unforgiving and aggressive, and in this regard the General is capable of taking command.

She says:
As Alex has discussed, the Tantus General is one of our largest toys, in fact, I think you could argue that it is the largest. As with all Tantus toys it is made from a premium grade silicone, which means that it is easy to clean (spray with sex toy cleaner and rinse under warm water) or sterilise (boil for a few minutes in a pan). We chose to get the General in black - and I agree with Alex that its size and stature is very well suited to this colour. Our version has a very matte finish, but I have seem some variations online which look to be more glossy in texture.  

I struggle to use the General at any time in any orifice. However, if I am having a particularly size-queenesque day it might be something I reach for. It is savage and unrelenting and certainly stretches me to the limit. Although it is a similar size to our other extra-large dildo, Angela, I find it more difficult to take inside me, possibly due to the shape and contour. Similarly to Alex I prefer not to thrust vigourously with it, but rather move it gently back and forth or just leave it sitting inside me whilst I stimulate my clit with a vibrator. However, it is great if you're looking for something with more of a phallic shape and angle.  

It goes without saying that it hasn't been anywhere near my butt (yet)! If Alex is feeling brave it is great to use in the strap-on harness, and maintains a nice 'erect' profile when it's attached. Be warned though, you're going to need a fairly strong harness and a 55mm o-ring to keep this bad boy stable!

One negative point I do have to mention, although it's not the most important point - is that it does pick up dust and lint very easily. I find this is the case with all silicone toys, but this one seems especially bad for it. I don't know if it is it's matte texture, or just the fact that lint shows up more easily on black so I notice it more -  but it was a pain in the ass to photograph for the review! Easily rectified for normal uses though by giving it a rinse under the tap before starting.

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued from Lovehoney, and as far as we can tell isn't easily available from any UK suppliers (let us know if you know of one it is and we can add a link for you).  However, you can order from Tantus directly, we've done this before and the savings you make from the exchange rate usually cancels out the shipping - obviously not a problem for our american readers.

In conclusion I would say that the Tantus General is a top quality extra-large silicone toy which is very aesthetically pleasing but not for the faint-hearted!  


  1. That's a monster, bet it's a right treat though :p

  2. Nice review. I love the size and shape of this dildo. I can't wait to get one.

  3. Thank you so much for reviewing The General. He rarely gets reviewed.

    1. Great! Glad to hear that we've done a useful review for you. We are fans of larger toys (smaller too, Acute is one of my favourites) so if ever they're lacking a review in the future you know where to find us!

      Lucy x