Saturday 7 April 2012

Review: Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator

Shes Says:

The Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator is one of the best selling toys on the Lovehoney website - and I can see why.  I've had my pocket vibrator for several years now (in fact, I've got two) and I have to say, it is a fantastic little budget toy.  We've tried absolutely loads of cheap bullet and egg vibrators over the years, most of which we end up throwing away because the vibrations aren't strong enough for me.  Luckily this little lovely lives up to its name - it's powerful and it is small enough to fit in your pocket.

It's a plastic vibrator with 3 little raised metal nubs on the tip, which add an interesting texture and an extra degree of stimulation.  It's easy to use, you just turn the bottom to set it to on or off, this of course means that there is just one constant speed. Some of you may see this as a disadvantage, but personally I prefer this as I hate having to flick through loads of rubbish settings to try to find that constant high powered one. It's able to bring me to orgasm  Being plastic it is really easy to clean, just spray with sex toy cleaners and wipe.  It takes one AA battery, which does last for quite a long time.

It's not my current go-to vibrator for clitoral stimulation, the main reason for this being the shape of the tip.  Because it is flat at the end, you have to hold it perpendicular to your body to get the most intense sensation.  This is fine for masturbation, and for certain sexual positions, but personally I prefer a vibe that I can use on its side, flat against my clit.  This is a personal preference and not something I think I should really mark this toy down on, just a little something I thought I'd point out in case you have a similar preference.

Overall this is a fantastic product, very cheap and very powerful - haven't really got much more to say about it.  Considering the price, if you haven't tried it yet, I really think you should - a sex toy collection essential.

He Says:

This is a cheap, compact clitoral vibrator. It takes 1 AA battery. For its size it is fairly powerful. It is certainly a step up from your average bullet style vibe. The USP is the set of three nubbins at the end which are supposed to act to concentrate the vibrations to this point. I don't know whether this is effective, but as I say the vibrations are pretty strong. The other advantage this vibrator has is it has a screw top with an off setting, so is ideal for travel as it won't turn itself on and you don't have to take the battery out and then hunt around for it.

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