Tuesday 10 April 2012

Review: Tantus Severin Large Butt Plug

He Says:

Sex toys, more than most things I can think of in life (excluding marmite, obviously) give people an instant, visceral "love it or hate it" reaction. It can be difficult to overcome one's initial gut reaction. But I would like to report on a rare case where this happened.

When I first saw the Tantus Severin Large butt plug, my instant reaction was a mixture of amusement and disgust, owing to a couple of associations which immediately and unfortunately seared themselves into my mind. To me it looks like a) A giant nipple or b) A dummy (aka a pacifier for our international audience). One of these I would normally associate with sex, the other, thank goodness, I would not (but of course each to their own). Neither of them I particularly desire to stick up my ass.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I looked at it and the more I was drawn to it. I started mentally inserting it, imagining the effect its shape would have, each of those bumps an increasing challenge. Would I even be able to take that final bump? Well, eventually it got to the point that I had to try!

I have left Lucy to explain all the details of the material etc as otherwise she won't have a lot to say, as I don't see it going near her for the foreseeable future. But it is very glossy and quite soft, both of which aid insertion. And all help is needed as this thing is fat! If like me you were thinking well I can take 2" diameter toys fairly comfortably, what's an extra half inch between friends: consider yourself warned! The shape of this toy means it does not slip easily in, rather there are definite "resting points", and then it takes a serious effort to advance to the next stage (much like climbing Everest, I imagine).

The size and shape of the base not only allow it to sit nicely between your butt cheeks, but also mean you have a good handle to exert very fine control over the Severin. This can be advantageous for a number of reasons, but one way I use this is to hold the plug carefully at the point of maximum width as long as I can take it. If you don't do this it will be pulled in very forcefully as a result of the size and size difference between neck and bump.

So inserting this plug takes patience and experience. What about wearing it? I have to say I was pretty gob-smacked by this. I can genuinely say this is one of the comfiest plugs I have worn! Not just relative to its size, but in absolute terms. My thought is that this is a result of being large; it stays in position and doesn't shift around irritating your asshole. This is coupled with the exceptionally smooth and glossy silicone the Severin is made of. You are definitely always aware you are wearing this, as it provides a continuous pressure, as opposed to some plugs which you can only feel when moving or thinking about them (I imagine many people would prefer the latter sensation). 

Another advantage is that unless you are in the habit of inserting rugby balls in your ass you can be fairly confident this plug is going to stay firmly in place. In fact, one important point to note is that this plug is pretty much as difficult to remove as it is to insert; you need to get a solid grip on the base and pull carefully. Normally, this is one of my favourite parts of anal play, but here maybe the feeling is a little too intense (some will be shocked to hear). I reckon this may change with a few more uses though...

If you are looking for a large plug which is secure and comfortable to wear, this is a very strong option. The shape is challenging and if you are just working up to this size I might recommend something with a more continuous taper. I would also recommend this if you are looking for something wide, but not too long as it is a fairly modest length. Overall, this is a fantastic toy, but one which I tend to save for special occasions!

She Says:

This toy is available in either red or black, as well as small, medium and large sizes. And they're not kidding when they call this one large! 

Personally, I have no use for this toy (except for maybe as a door stop!) and as it's a butt plug rather than a dildo it's not really one I can use on Alex. Saying that, I do enjoy watching him trying to force this biggy inside himself. I will therefore just comment on it in terms of looks and build quality. You may have noticed that we are a little addicted to Tantus toys, and with good reason. They are always 'handmade from Tantus's own unique blend of 100% ultra premium silicone', which you will hear a million times if like us you go to their website and oggle every single video for every single toy they make (ahem). But it is true, their toys are of a consistently high quality, and this one is no exception. The Severin Large has a very glossy finish to it, which looks very attractive and would certainly help ease insertion. The silicone is fairly soft and pliable, which I imagine makes for a more comfortable penetration, but as I say, I've never used the toy on myself so can't really comment. It is very easy to clean (spray with sex toy cleaner and rinse under warm water) or sterilise (boil for several minutes in a pan), which is always an important thing to look for in anal toys, especially if you plan on sharing them. 

Overall I find the Tantus Severin Large to be a ridiculously sexy toy, the patent red just screams sex-appeal to me. Unfortunately it is too advanced for my own use at the moment, but it is certainly one for me to aspire to in the future!