Monday 18 June 2012

Something Blue

One of the things we have loved most about having this blog has been the opportunity to let our creative juices flow (so to speak...). Finally I actually have subjects, themes and direction with my photography - and Alex gets a much deserved break from me constantly pointing a lens in his direction! 

We were extremely excited to hear about the launch of a new weekly feature by sex toy blogger extraordinaire Nymphomaniac Ness: Toy With Me Tuesday. The feature is basically a place where bloggers can submit some of their best sex toy photography to showcase it to anyone who is interested! It's an area we'd already thought needed a bit more attention, a while back we set up a tumblr called Sex Toy Snaps to try and collate some of the best toy photography on the net. Unfortunately we do struggle to find enough images to post on there regularly, so hopefully this new project will get everyone inspired and snapping away.

So anyway, here is our first entry.

Anyone getting married soon? Maybe you should wear a blue butt plug as your something blue? Just a thought. Perhaps not one to tell your granny about though...

P.S. If you were wondering, the toy featured above is the Adam and Eve Rear End Rapture Advanced Plug, bit of a mouthful! And yes, the garter was worn by Lucy on our wedding day.

Make sure you check out who else is joining in with the fun by clicking on the button below. 
Toy with me Tuesday

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  1. Awwwww this is so sweet x

  2. brilliant! Although I want to draw a pair of eyes on it :p

  3. I love it!

    It's a fantastic photo and I love the idea of "something blue" being a toy :-)

    Great depth of field, btw. It can often be hard to accomplish without overexposure on what looks to have been like a very sunny day.

    1. Thank you very much, I have my lovely lens to thank for the dof I think though... It's my cheapy cheap £60 1.8f 50mm lens for my canon, it is absolutely awesome for creating good dof.

      Lucy xx

    2. Yeah, opening the aperture to a low f-stop will give you lots of nice bokeh.

      1,8f for £60 is awesome! You must be very pleased with it. Most of mine are taken at 1.8f although mine's a 35mm (I really need a 50mm too).

  4. I'm curious to know if either of you wore that very plug on your wedding day?

    Also, I have no idea why, but that garter makes the plug look very cute and inviting.

    1. Haha it does quite, for what is normally quite a large and intimidating plug! No, we didn't wear this ourselves on the day (it really is quite a large one for just wearing around anyway), but maybe we did joke about it before the day. Would be a cool idea though I think... If only it was a bit smaller!

      Lucy x

  5. This photo is both technically stunning with great composition, lighting, and depth of field as well as creative and humorous! I love the Something Blue theme and the garter wrapped around the plug; a wonderful image and 1st Toy With Me Tuesday post!

  6. Win. Just win. You know by now that I really admire your photography skills as ones to look up to and this is no different! Fantastic quality and great idea. Love it. Just all of the win.

  7. Thank you everyone for your really lovely comments glad you enjoyed our first Toy With Me Tuesday, and we look forward to playing in future weeks!