Thursday 19 July 2012

Review: Nexus Glide

I am going solo! The Glide from Nexus is a toy designed to stimulate the prostate. Lucy doesn't have a prostate. This isn't the kind of toy that has lots of complicated parts or modes or features you can discuss. She could have tried it anally, but that wouldn't be a fair test for the Glide or the target market. So below is my personal viewpoint.

He Says:

A lot of men get a huge amount of pleasure from prostate stimulation, and regarded it as the primary appeal of anal stimulation. Although I enjoy the sensation of prostate manipulation, I generally don't find it particularly orgasmic, and derive much more satisfaction from stretching of my anus.

So I was uncertain what kind of opinion I might have when I received the Glide courtesy of Nexus, an out-and-out prostate massager.

The unique selling point of the Glide (along with its chunkier stablemates) is the presence of a metal rollerball on one leg which sits up against your perineum, allowing it to "glide" freely around as the toy moves about. The other leg faces downwards and provides an easy handle to jiggle (for want of a better word) the toy about.

The Glide is made of rigid plastic (a polypropylene the kind people at Nexus inform me), which is compatible with a silicone or water-based lubricant, though I would recommend a thick water-based lube to provide a bit of cushioning. The toy appears well made with very smooth mould lines barely visible, which is important with a material as unyielding as this. The materials make it extremely easy to clean with soapy water (I asked about boiling to sterilise, and the answer is that the material won't react chemically but may soften slightly so you could potentially deform it by accident. Whether you want to risk this is up to you.), you'll need to remove the rollerball to do this thoroughly though. A handy little widget is provided to do this, if you are anything like me this will almost certainly disappear at some point, but any small rod-like object could substitute.

The Glide is fairly easy to insert, being smallish and smooth. Once in place the head presses gently against my prostate. And then... I don't know really. If I squeeze, it moves slightly within me. Giving it a little wiggle (ah, a bit better than jiggle) is pleasant enough. But I have tried it a few times, left it in place for a long time, experimented in a variety of ways, and it really doesn't add a lot to my masturbatory experience. Certainly, I get more pleasure from using a larger, more conventionally shaped, butt plug, or an anal dildo.

So once again I have been left disappointed by prostate toy. I personally reckon the rollerball is a bit of a gimmick, as the Glide doesn't really move much laterally across the perineum in use. But it does hit my prostate well, and is certainly a well-made, and I think fairly attractive toy. As I mentioned at the start of this review, I have not found any particular enjoyment with other other highly rated prostate toys so if you know you enjoy a rigid, focussed pressure on your prostate I wouldn't write it off altogether.

Thank you to Nexus for sending us this item to review, you can find out more about the Nexus range below.


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  1. I know it is not for me but I loved the props:)

  2. Butt plugs might hit the spot but proper prostate stimulation is so wild. It takes a bit of time to find the one to suit you but once you do the skies the limit. I find that if insert my smaller model when I drive out I am so alert and horny. Jacking off, getting blown and fucking becomes amazing, sex becomes something else as all the nerves tingle, and maybe I imagine it but the cum seems to flow thicker and more of it!
    Sorry Alex it didn't hit the spot with you but keep trying - however nothing is as good as the finger!