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Alex's - http://alex-acoupleofwankers.tumblr.com/

We love sex toy photography, and as our snaps and other images we liked weren't really fitting in to the themes of our personal tumblrs, we decided to create another tumblr dedicated to just that.  Submissions are welcome, we'd love to see your creative sex toy shots.

Sex Toy Snaps - http://sextoyphotography.tumblr.com


  1. Hi guys, I love your site. I get turned on by a variety of female/male imagery. Is my sexuality confusing - no, it's amazing fun!

    Love & kisses to you both Sadie xxx

    1. Hi Sadie,

      Great to hear that you're enjoying our site, and thanks for letting us know - we love being in a relationship where we both can get turned on by both sexes, it certainly makes things more interesting!

      We've been a bit quiet over the last month or so as we've been getting married, but will be back in full force soon!

      Love xxxxxxxx