Sunday 11 March 2012

Review: Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug

He says:

The Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug is obviously designed for those new to anal play, or looking for something that they can wear comfortably for an extended period of time. It is made of a flexible purple silicone, with a fairly matte texture. My favourite thing about this toy is the base. When inserted it sits extremely ergonomically between my butt cheeks due the thinness of it, and the curvature and flexibility of it means that length wise it conforms very snugly to my perineum and butt-crack (lovely, I know).

This butt plug from what I've seen is nearly universally regarded as adorable.  I have a couple of comments on this. Firstly, it somewhat reminds me of a baby's dummy. This is somewhat off-putting. The second point is that I personally find cute and sexy to be very different things most of the time. E.g. puppies are cute, Natalie Portman is sexy.

Now for actual use. Unsurprisingly, this is very easy for me to insert, with just a quick dollop of lube this will slide in without any warm-up. I definitely notice its presence, but don't get any of the stretching or filling feeling I crave from an anal toy. I also find this plug fairly disappointing for long term play. I don't know whether it is  the matte texture of the silicone or the fact that the neck is so narrow, but this butt plug usually becomes uncomfortable after a short while. This is because it shifts about slightly and rubs. Paradoxically there are several larger toys I find more comfortable for this reason. And I really don't appreciate having to go to the bathroom to remove this somewhere in the middle of the day. I mean what are you supposed to do with it afterwards.

This toy has a lot going for it. It's very well made with an excellent base, reasonably priced and unintimidating, making it potentially a good beginners plug. However, I personally find it unsatisfying for short-term use and uncomfortable for longer periods.

She says:  

So I'm not really a butt plug kinda gal - not yet anyway. So I don't have a huge amount to say about this really.

I have to disagree with Alex that cute and sexy are mutually exclusive. A lot of the time for me these things can go hand in hand, and that is certainly the case for the Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug. It is particularly aesthetically pleasing, is a lovely vibrant colour and is manufactured to a high standard with a top quality silicone. Meaning of course that it is fully sterilizable and long lasting - perfect qualities for a butt plug.

I have tried using it a couple of times and have found it easy enough to insert, but not particularly comfortable whilst it's in. But as I say, butt plugs don't really do it for me. As you will read in one of our future posts, Alex is doing a bit of anal training with me at the moment - so if I do have any successful experiences with this I'll be sure to update you. -->SEE HERE FOR UPDATE

Overall the Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug is a beautifully designed, reasonably priced, high quality toy. Possibly one to try if you're fairly new to anal play - because despite my experiences so far, it probably comes down to personal taste with  a toy like this.

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