Wednesday 14 March 2012

Update: Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug

For those of you that are interested I thought I'd just compose a quick update on the Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug.  I mentioned in my review before that I wasn't really into butt plugs, and that I'd given it a couple of tries and not been too sure about it - I left Alex to go into the specifics a bit more.  

However, since then (as you may have seen in our Tantus Silk Large review) Alex has been doing some anal training with me.  We start off with something small, and play with it until it's feeling very comfortable, and then work our way up until I'm at the brink of pain.  

Aim is to get Angela up there eventually, as I am pretty jealous of Alex's ability to do this.  Plus it's a bit of a fantasy of mine to be double penetrated... so I have to prepare myself for that in case the opportunity arises!  

Anyway... I was busy writing an upcoming review for Ed Fox's Glamour from the Ground Up, when I found myself getting turned on a little too much... and ended up having to masturbate.  I decided to give the Bootie Butt Plug another go, and boy am I glad I did.  It great up there, especially with a vibe on my clit.  Ended up leaving it in for a couple of hours before it started to get uncomfortable... but at least now I am nice and prepped for when Alex gets home later. We're off to the gym tonight, so for those of you who know about our little pact - you know what that means...

Thought this was important to mention, as it just goes to show that you can end up changing your opinion on toys, particularly anal toys once you start to accustom yourself to that style of play.  I look forward to trying it again in the future - and am very excited about the prospect of trying new toys that this development could open me up to (so to speak!).  


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