Tuesday 13 March 2012

Review: Rampant Rabbit Thruster

She says:

I decided to treat myself to this rabbit vibrator a couple of years ago after getting a rave review from one of my friends who worked in Ann Summers at the time, she also got staff discount for me... which was handy as I don't usually buy Ann Summers toys as they're pretty pricey for what you get.

The Rampant Rabbit Thruster has now been replaced with Rampant Rabbit The Thrusting One, but looking at it it appears to be exactly the same only re-branded and in a different colour.  You can also get one which I can only assume is from the same manufacturer but with different branding from Lovehoney, the Deluxe Ultra Thrusting Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator.

It is made from a TPE/ABS mixture that is latex and phthalates free, so it should be safe - but it's not up to the standard of silicone toys.  Over time this material hasn't worn well, and despite good storage, we have still been victims to the Dali Dildo phenomenon... with parts of it appearing to be melted (see pic).  However, the material is soft, comfortable and cleaned easily.  The vibrator is waterproof and can be fully submerged, which again helps with cleaning (just use your usual antibacterial spray and rinse under warm water) - but unfortunately it can't be sterilized.

"Dali Dildo Damage"
I would class this vibe as "effective" but not particularly sexy or thrilling.  It does quite efficiently bring me to orgasm without a lot of input, you just pop it up there, turn on the thruster and the vibrating ears and away you go.  All you have to do is hold onto it with one hand or even the bottom of your foot if you're feeling flexible, just to stop it falling out - it's a toy for when you're in a lazy mood.  It's also quite handy if you're browsing porn on the internet and want your hands free for that. But as a rule it's not what I would usually go for.... it's just rather boring to be honest.

Girth and length wise the thrusting part is well proportioned, it is wide enough and long enough to give me that filled up feeling, but also small enough to use without much warm up.  The ears, as with all rabbits I have come across actually, are well positioned for stimulating the clit during penetration with the shaft.

There are 3 speed settings for both the thrusting and the vibrations, all controlled on the base of the bunny.  These are fairly powerful, the lowest vibrator setting is enough for me most of the time.  The thrusting feels kind of realistic and is actually alright, a lot better than I imagined it would be.  It does do this incredibly frustrating thing though... when I start off the slowest thrust feels great, but as I get closer and closer to climax the muscles in my vagina start to tense up and squeeze the shaft of the rabbit... on the slowest setting this practically stops the thrusting all together.  So I end up having to faff around upping the speed at the last minute, sometimes I can't remember which side the buttons for the thrusting are on and end up upping the vibrations when I don't want to... all very very frustrating.  The combination of the vibrating and the thrusting is also extremely noisy -  which spoils the mood for me and is also not one to use if you're trying to be discrete.

I do use mine from time to time despite its drawbacks.  This is probably because of it's ability to easily bring me to orgasm whilst I'm feeling tired or lazy - something it is very effective at. However the material is of a poor quality, it's horrendously noisy and the push button thrusting does, in my opinion, take some of the fun out of it. If it breaks I won't be replacing it with another. But if I managed to find a quieter, silicone version I would be more tempted.   

He Says:

I can't comment on the effectiveness of this toy. We bought this because we were intrigued by the idea of a rabbit that simulated the thrusting motion of a penis during use. It was quite pricey at the time, and has suffered very prominent blistering.  This was presumably due to us leaving it in contact with something we shouldn't have, we are normally pretty good in that respect so just have to chalk that up to bad luck.  It is worth noting that generally speaking toys made of soft "rubbery" material like this are much more susceptible to damage from other toys. I can also vouch for the fact that it is extremely noisy!

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