Wednesday 14 March 2012

Review: Tantus Silk Large

In ancient greek mythology Tantalus was sentenced to punishment in the deepest level of hell.  There, he was condemned to stand in a pool of water, underneath a fruit tree. As he would reach down to attempt to quench his thirst the water receded from his grasp, whilst the branches of the tree would arch away whenever he tried to sate his hunger with a piece of fruit.  It is from this unfortunate that we get the word tantalising, only too apt to describe the look of the tantus silk (do you see what I did there?).

The tantus silk is made of a very smooth silicone, available in either black or purple.  It also comes in different sizes: small, medium and large.  Subjectively we would say that these sizes are modest, with even the large only 12.5 cm around the widest point.  It has a round cross-section, widest around the head, with a gradual narrowing down toward the base.  As with all silicone toys it is perfectly safe and really easy to keep clean (just use sex toy cleaner and warm water, or boil for a few minutes to sterilise) and works really well with a water-based lubricant.

He says:
This is one of my absolute favourites.  Personally, I find the look of it very appealing.  Although completely smooth and non-realistic it still has a pleasingly phallic size and angle.  The angle is such that it will almost but not quite stand upright unsupported (for some OCD reason I find this incredibly irritating!). The silicone is very glossy, so I am able to penetrate myself fairly easily, even though it is widest around the head.  The fact that it then tapers slightly means that once it's in and you are playing with it the stretching sensation comes from the inside, rather than the outside, which I find very pleasurable (in a similar way to removing anal beads).  For solo play I think this is an excellent dildo but I would normally go for something a bit wider these days!

However, it is when this dildo is used with a harness that it really comes into its own.  It is the perfect length to allow us to play in lots of different positions without danger of slipping out, but short enough such that in most positions Lucy can thrust all the way in without hurting me (unless I have my legs behind my head or something equally brutal). I find this very important with strap-on toys as there is not always as much feedback there for a girl to tell how deep they are.  Although some texture can be good for more gentle play, the smoothness and moderate girth of this dildo make it my go-to number when I am in need of a good fucking.

All in all I think this is a brilliant dildo made of beautiful material and with an easygoing but not too wimpy size and shape.

She says:
The tantus silk large is an absolute joy to use!  Its size means that it's great for everyday use - it's large enough to feel like it's filling me up, but also narrow enough to give myself a good pounding without causing any damage!  Its almost gloss-like finish allows for really smooth penetration, fairly similar to what you get with glass toys, but with the softness of silicone.

This is my favourite toy to use with the strap-on on Alex - its length and relative rigidity allow a great level of control when I'm fucking him.  I would certainly recommend it for use with a harness.

With regards to anal play, I'm a bit of a beginner when it comes to toys.  I think I need to man-up and give it a go with this one - I'm sure it would feel incredible!

As for the negatives... Well I just can't think of one.  This is one of my absolute favourite toys; it looks amazing, feels amazing, and is very versatile - get one!  You won't be disappointed!

UPDATE: Alex has been doing some 'anal training' with me and our toys, in fact, we have made a pact.  For every time he comes with me for a gym session, I have agreed to have an anal training session with him. I have been getting overly jealous recently of all the big toys he can shove up his ass.  I love anal sex but when it comes to toys I struggle a bit, I guess because of their firmness.  Anyway - today we had our first session  - and I did actually manage to get this one(after a warm up with two smaller toys) up there - and fuck did it feel good.  I only did a bit of gentle thrusting with it, but wow it felt intense.  So from personal experience I can now say that I would recommend the tantus silk large for anal play, especially if you're a relative newbie.  When combined with lots of lovely water based lube, the smooth glossy surface allowed me to penetrate myself fairly easily - and I certainly agree with the point Alex made about stretching you from the inside, it's something that feels really good and I would be interested to try other toys with a similar shape.  Will keep you posted on how the training goes!  


  1. A fantastic and very informative review

    I live reading about other couples joy in mutual anal play and pegging

    Keep up the great reviews

    1. Glad you enjoyed the review. Lucy and I love anal play (both ways so to speak). Just checked out your tumblr - now an avid follower!


  2. Alex, as usual you are very astute. While many dildos are shaped to look like the "real" thing at the end of the day when its up your ass you have no idea what it looks like. This one sounds perfect for extended anal penetration and once inserted with the thickest part all the sensations are deep inside rather than round the anal muscles.
    It pays to shop about but this sounds like a really good sex toy that can be taken slow and savored.
    When I fuck myself with this, presuming my ass will take it, I'll think of you Alex!