Tuesday 17 April 2012

Review: Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Anal T

Maybe I went a bit over the top with this one...

He Says:

I don't think you could shove this thing up your ass. I'm not even sure you could insert it in your butt. This butt plug is too cute to be so crude. Rather, I think it would be mandatory to pop it in your tush, or something similar. With its petite size, pastel colour and adorable caterpillar-style humps, this is one of the least scary anal toys I have ever seen. Normally I might be a bit put off by that; personally I prefer my anal toys massive and threatening. But I am actually fairly impressed with the look of this.

This even somehow extends to the texture. The normal go-to words for describing the texture of silicone are matte and gloss. However, the best way I could describe this is "foamy". It is springy and squidgy without being rubbery. It's not something I have come across before, but is quite pleasant and could certainly assist with insertion.

Another excellent design feature is the T-bar base. This allows the plug to fit between your butt cheeks, and would normally make this plug comfortable for long-term wear.

Unfortunately, there is a major problem with the styling of this plug. There is no appreciable neck between the 3rd bulge and the base. This problem is exacerbated by the softness of the material. This means the plug doesn't stay in of its own accord. This is a problem as I imagine one of the main reasons one would buy a plug like this would be for extended wear, rather than active play. I really think this is an intrinsic problem that would apply even if one was very new to anal play. Even if it wasn't a problem for absolute beginners, you still wouldn't get a huge amount of use before you needed to upgrade.

Furthermore, with the push-button vibe sticking out at the base, you cannot sit easily using this without accidentally switching it on at an inopportune moment. If you remove the vibe in an attempt to avoid this problem the plug will simply implode (not with quite the drama that word implies, but I hope you can see what I am getting at) due to the softness of the material. The bullet itself is of average strength, but the spongy material does not transmit the vibrations well. The plug is a bit too small to reach my prostate.

I really like the thinking behind this plug. It is sweet and fun-looking, and the material is pretty interesting. With just a slight design change it could be a really nice beginners plug, or ideal for long-term play. But ultimately it falls short of this, and I couldn't really recommend it.

She Says:

How cute is this? I've been looking for a little butt plug that I can wear for a while now, Alex's toys aren't really suitable for me (yet), so I was very excited when this one arrived! 

As Alex has already said, the outer casing of this butt plug is made out of a lovely soft, almost velvety silicone. The build quality is absolutely fantastic, there are no obvious join-marks and the bullet fits in extremely snugly to it's outer casing. Being silicone, this of course means that it is safe for anal play, and can be sterilised by boiling.

It looks a bit like a caterpillar don't you think? With it's little segmented body, I love the look of the shape and colour.  

The tip of the butt plug is slightly tapered, and is very small anyway, so with a dollop of lube insertion was easy. However, it was after insertion that I started to notice problems. I managed to push the plug all the way in until the t-bar was resting up against my skin, and whilst I was holding it, it felt great - small and comfortable. However, if I let go it would start to slip out. My ass hole is much tighter than Alex's (as regular readers will know) and I am a relative newbie in the world of anal play, so if I am having this problem I think it would be the case with most people, if not everyone. 

As for the vibrations, it has several different settings, all the usual combinations (five in total; two speeds and three patterns). I disagree with Alex about the soft silicone not carrying the vibrations well; I think it does a pretty good job. The vibrations aren't particularly strong though, but personally that's what I prefer up my bum. I do agree with Alex about the location of the on-off button being incompatible with wearing the plug whilst sitting.     

In conclusion, this toy looks great and is made from top quality materials to a high standard. However, it doesn't really work as a wearable butt plug and it's therefore not a product I would recommend. But thanks to Lovehoney for sending us this to review nonetheless!


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