Thursday 19 April 2012

Review: Rocks Off 4US

He Says:

We have tried cock rings before, and I have always been a bit underwhelmed. The material is often either too elastic to have any effect, or solid and difficult to get fitting correctly (not to mention potentially dangerous if too tight). Vibrating rings tend to have extremely weak vibrations which do nothing for Lucy. And I have never really felt the supposed erection-enhancing effects (though my erections do tend to be pretty rigid anyway).
Suffice it to say, we were not holding out hope for this ring which Rocks Off very kindly sent us for review. And my initial thoughts were that it looked quite bulky and intrusive. The basic form is that of a split ring, which is then attached to a side-arm which contains the same RO80mm bullet as many Rocks Off toys. This bullet takes a type n battery (god only knows how expensive that will be to replace), and is removable for cleaning. The bullet is of average strength for its size and could be used independently for clitoral stimulation at a push. The material is a fairly firm silicone, which is good for this application.

One thing that I was very impressed with was the way the 4US sits on my cock. The folded branch acts effectively as a spring, and is of sufficient stiffness to stay reasonably firmly in place and put noticeable pressure on my shaft, but also means that it would be able to accommodate a wide range of penis girths and is easy to put on and remove. The side-arm with the bullet in it is angled away from the body, and this improves contact with the clitoris of the receiving partner. However, this, coupled with the general thickness of the ring section, means you effectively lose 1-2 cm of working length whilst using this toy. This will be more of an issue for some of us than others.

As I said earlier it stays in place fairly impressively for such a bulky toy when I put it on, but the rough and tumble (if you're doing it right) of sex presents a much sterner challenge. However, the 4US passed this challenge with aplomb. We had a lot of success with this in a number of positions without it being too intrusive. But, in positions where a lot of my weight goes onto Lucy's pubis, such as missionary, it was quite uncomfortable for both of us.

The other major limitation of this cock ring is intrinsic to vibrating cock rings in general. The vibrations are only transmitted when the receiving partner is in contact with the ring, which is only briefly with vigourous thrusting. Lucy enjoys much more continuous vibration and so we were restrained to more gentle movements. Which is a shame, as she also enjoys vigourous thrusting...

When we received this product, we were not expectant of great things. But this is by some margin the best vibrating cock ring we have tried; secure in position, easy to use, and relatively strong vibrations. Although not ideal for all sexual activity, it adds an interesting dimension and we will likely use it regularly.

She Says:

Over the years we have tried several vibrating cock rings and neither of us have found them particularly arousing. But the ones we have tried have been much less substantial than this, so I was more than willing to give it a go in the hope that it would prove itself above the rest - and I'm pleased to report it did. 

We've tried the Rocks Off 4 US in several positions - my favourite being with me on my back and Alex kneeling between my legs. When positioned in this way the vibrator was well positioned for my clit. My least favourite was probably missionary, this toy is quite firm and with Alex's weight pushing it up against my pubic bone I found it very uncomfortable.  

The vibrations are reasonably strong, and easy to control with the simple on-off button at the base of the bullet. There is just one vibration setting, which I like. I find it faffy when toys have lots of settings that you have to click through in order to turn it off. Unfortunately these vibrations were not enough to make me orgasm (and personally I can't orgasm from penetration alone), but I am quite fussy about vibrator positioning and strength and wouldn't want to mark the toy down too much on this point, as I did find it enjoyable overall, and would be confident that others who were able to climax more easily than me would do so with this.  

As for build quality, there are some fairly obvious mould lines around the sides of the cock ring, as you can see on the photos, which is a bit of a shame as ring is made from a great quality silicone. Being silicone it is of course easy to clean (spray with sex toy cleaner and rinse with warm water) or sterilise (boil for a few minutes in a pan, obviously after removing the inner bullet first).

I have to say, after not getting on with cock rings before I was pleasantly surprised by the 4 US. Its vibrations are reasonably strong, the shape works well and the ring stays in place during sex. It's definitely a toy that we'll be using again, and one that's worth trying out. Thanks Rocks Off!

The 4US is available to buy from a number of places, such as here.

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