Monday 23 April 2012

Review: BS is Nice Black Leather Harness

She Says:

The first time I heard about BS is Nice was when reading this review  by the fantastic sex toy reviewer and blogger BlackSilk. Ever since then I've been dying to find out more about the company and get my hands on some of their products. They are small sex toy manufacturer based in Spain who create luxury silicone dildos and butt plugs in fantastically different colours and styles. Unfortunately their website is under reconstruction so I can't really say a huge amount more than that; I'm very much looking forward to their website going live and finding out more about them.

The BS is Nice harness certainly fits into the category of luxury. Unusually for me I am going to start by talking about  the packaging. Normally I wouldn't even mention it, I'm a firm believer in it's what's inside that counts. But I was so enamoured of the simple, sleek and practical packaging that this harness arrived in, that I felt it deserved recognition. It's basically just a thick, durable, resealable freezer bag with their logo on it. For once it is actually a container that I will use to store the product in as it's not bulky, it's see-though so I can easily pick it out in our drawer and it will keep it clean and away from any other toys that it's around.

This is the first harness that we have owned that has been made from real leather and, gosh, it really is fantastic. You get that wonderful real leather smell, and the straps are so soft and comfortable yet strong and durable. One thing I did notice was that the back of the leather straps were shedding little bits when we first started using this, not very noticeably, but something to mention. We will see in time if this causes wearing and weakening of the straps or not - if it does we'll be sure to update you, but I can't see it being much of a problem in the long term, I think it's more the straps just wearing in.

The straps are actually quite thin for a leather harness. I would describe it as dainty (lol, though maybe that's just me, not sure I've heard a harness described as that before) and girly. It is very sexy but also very unintimidating, making it ideal as a beginners harness or for those of you wanting a less fetishistic style strap-on. I found it very easy to put on, which is an extremely important factor when choosing a strap-on harness. You don't want to be faffing around for the straps for ages and lose the moment. It tightens simply by pulling the excess strap through the D-rings. I'm a UK size 10, so you can see from the photos roughly how much excess there is.

The BS is Nice harness comes with three different sized O-rings, suitable for a range of dildos. Interchangeable rings are always a useful feature, making this a very versatile product. The press-studs that hold the ring in place are very secure, but not impossible to open.

I was so nervous using this product for the first time, I was desperate for it to live up to the expectations it had created on first impressions. I am so pleased to report that it does! Even with a fairly large dildo this harness remained very secure, and stayed in place well during pegging Alex in various different positions. It wouldn't hold the very largest of our dildos, but our collection does include a few monsters, so that is rather unsurprising!

In summary this is an absolutely fantastic product, and extremely versatile. The black looks fantastic with almost any dildo you could imagine and the interchangeable o-ring means it's capable of holding almost any sized toy. It comes highly recommended from me as a choice for pegging, and would also be wonderful to use for penetrative lesbian sex. I'm extremely excited about trying out more BS is Nice products in the future, if this is anything to go by I think we'll be in for a treat.

He Says:

For those who have not heard of them (a category which included us until fairly recently) BS is Nice is an awesomely named Spanish sex toy company who sell a gorgeous-looking range of high-end dildos, harnesses and assorted other goodies. This harness was very kindly provided to us to try out by the brilliant people at Vibrator Kingdom.

The first thing that is apparent with any new toy is the packaging. Like Lucy I wouldn't generally say much about this, as whilst acknowledging that the vast majority of sex toy packaging is fairly tacky and unpleasant, I am not normally too put off by this. More of a problem for me is when a toy is overpackaged in a wasteful fashion. So I was very impressed with the extremely minimalist packaging provided for this; a simple clear, tough plastic wallet that allows the product to be seen, and which would be easy to dispose of.

I was however quite surprised that the whole harness fit in such a small container. But it transpired that this is actually because itself is very lightweight. It is made from a lovely soft leather. It comes with three o-rings, which are secured with chunky poppers and are easy to interchange. Oddly the large ring is metal, whilst the other two are nitrile. I can't decide whether this is likely because it was what they could source, or whether they thought a metal ring would provide more support for larger dildos.

Lucy has been hogging this, but I have tried it out myself. One important thing to note is that compared to many other harnesses the strap are fairly short. It is somewhat difficult to judge, but I would say that you might struggle if larger than say a size 20. Another interesting aspect of this harness is that it doesn't have a base-plate, so the base of the dildo sits directly against your skin. I was a bit concerned about this initially (tugging on hairs), but actually it has a couple of advantages. Firstly, the friction between dildo and skin holds the dildo in place and gives more control. Secondly, from a male perspective there is nothing to impede your penis, so this harness would potentially be a good option for double penetration if you were interested in that. You do have to be careful with exactly where you position the straps so you don't pinch your testicles between the leg straps.

I really like this harness. It is compact and attractive, but also secure. I also like it a lot aesthetically, which is of course more subjective, but hopefully our photos can help you judge that from your own perspective.

We'd both like to say a massive thank you for the lovely Penelope at Vibrator Kingdom for sending us this wonderful product to review.  Check out their site, it's cram packed with great quality body-safe toys - and not an ounce of jelly in sight!

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  1. What kind of dildo is that?

  2. Good question! It is called Jesseye, and comes from the wonderful people at a small UK-based manufacturer of high quality silicone toys (as well as a few other things) called Babes n Horny. We have a few of their toys, you can check out the reviews we have done so far in our toybox, and see some more pics in our Sinful Strap-On post.

    We will hopefully be reviewing Jesseye herself fairly soon, so keep your eyes peeled. We cannot recommend them enough, so do check them out if you are interested.

    Hope this info is helpful.