Thursday, 5 April 2012

Review: Rascal Strapping Anal Beads

He Says:

Most anal beads are fairly delicate little things and although fairly long (which can cause difficulty if they are fairly rigid) are not normally too wide. However, the Rascal Strapping Anal Beads could not by any stretch of the imagination be described as delicate. I would perhaps venture "hefty" as a better one word description. Robust would probably also fit the bill.

These anal beads comprise 5 glass spheres, each 14.9 cm around, encased in a thick silicone webbing. This webbing is pretty inelastic, and seems tough enough to support the weight of the beads in use. The whole toy is 32 cm long from the 1st bead to the last, and weighs in at a whopping half a kilo (I can certainly vouch for this as I bought these in Amsterdam whilst backpacking through Europe, and had to subsequently lug them around for some time)!

As I have spoken about before, anal beads are tricky to insert compared with other toys of comparable width, due to both the shape, and the lack of shaft to grip. Coupled with the hardness of these beads I would only recommend buying them if you can take a dildo or plug of at least 1/2 inch greater diameter.

But if you feel up to the challenge then these beads are well worth the effort. Normally I can insert 3 or possibly 4 of these. But on several occasions I have managed all 5 (somehow) and the full-up feeling is fabulous. When inserting them they are fairly savagely sucked in once you get past the point of maximum width. And they feel similarly delicious when being removed. These are both sensations familiar from standard anal bead play. But the size and fact they are made of glass add another interesting dimension to using these.

Normally when anal beads are inserted, they don't really provide much stimulation. However, these provide an internal pressure, and if you insert them and then stand up a brilliant feeling of weighing down. Just giving the handle a bit of a tug can make my eyes roll with pleasure. Removing them at the point of orgasm is just amazing (but you will have to be fairly strong)!

The Rascal Strapping Anal Beads are certainly not a beginner's toy. But they really do feel different to any other toy I have tried, in a manner which is quite tricky to explain. They are intense both when being played with actively, but also act like an incredibly weighty butt plug, and I would definitely recommend them highly.

She Says:

Well, as you can imagine, I don't have much use for these anal beads, so it's going to be short and sweet from me. From a quality point of view these beads are fantastic, a combination of two of our favourite sex toy materials - silicone and glass. The silicone is reasonably rigid which so we don't have the same problems as with the x10 silicone anal beads. Both materials are easy to clean individually, but you might be asking how easy they are to clean together in this toy. It does take a little bit of an extra effort, but the silicone strapping can be moved slightly away from the glass and you can clean underneath thoroughly - finish this off with a boil in a pan for 3-5 minutes if you want to sterilise them. As they're not a toy that's used on a day to day basis, the little extra effort you have to go to whilst cleaning them is not really an issue.  

Another thing I'd like to say is that you shouldn't be worried about one of the glass beads coming loose and getting lost inside you, they're very securely held by the silicone strapping.

Overall, as Alex has said, certainly not one for beginners - but in my opinion a very aesthetically pleasing toy which certainly gives Alex a lot of pleasure. 


  1. Wow... these look intense. Question for Alex - when you mention pulling these out during orgasm - just how strong are you talking? And I'm getting a terrible mental image of... ripping them out? Do they come out easier once moving?

    1. Gross mental image now firmly implanted in my head. Now where did I leave that mind bleach?

      Seriously though, they are not actually too bad to remove as the glass means that they are very slippery so there is not as much friction as there might otherwise be. Obviously how difficult they are to remove will depend on how tight you are. I definitely had to apply a bit of force, but not to the extent of being difficult. It certainly helps having a bead sticking out the end which you can get a more secure grip on.

      Hope this answers your questions.

    2. Very sorry about the bleach... but yes that answers it. Guess we'll have to experiment over here and get some!

  2. Those are really quite large for anal beads. I have a 2" diameter spherical butt plug, and it really is an experience to pull it out, I can only imagine what a string of them must be like. I think I might be popping this on my wishlist. :)

    1. It really is something else removing these, especially if you have all five in! As I say, highly recommended.

  3. Holy mother of................they ain't anal beads, that's a string of cricket balls :p

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  6. I prefer using butt plugs in order to train myself for the real thing :)