Tuesday 14 August 2012

A dildo a day...

... keeps the doctor away.

We've both been pretty busy for the past couple of weeks, so haven't had much time to work on blog stuff. But rest assured that we are still hard at work behind the scenes (though I think the use of the word work in this context is a pretty egregious abuse of the English language). So using somewhat shaky logic we decided to make up for the recent lack of dildos with a superabundance in this picture.

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Sunday 5 August 2012

All tied up...

Sorry we've been pretty quiet on the blog the last couple of weeks, it's been a very busy time for us. I've moved 200 miles away from Alex for my new job (which starts tomorrow), it's going to be a tough couple of months without him whilst he finishes his job off. But before I moved away we managed to squeeze in a dirty night in a posh hotel. Here are a few of the quick shots I took after tying Alex to the brass bed with the robe ties. Needless to say it was a wonderfully indulgent, champagne fueled evening, and most suitable for sharing on Sinful Sunday.

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Thursday 26 July 2012

Review: Tantus Anaconda

He Says:

Firstly, I have a couple of things to get off my chest. Everytime I hear the name of this dildo, I cannot help but think of the phrase "trouser snake". I don't know whether this was deliberate on the part of the otherwise lovely people at Tantus, but I wish they hadn't named their dildo this, as it is a horrible phrase. The other thing this name makes me think of in rather gruesome detail is the fact that an Anaconda is a constrictor snake, killing its prey by crushing it in massive, powerful muscular coils. Of course the exact opposite process takes place in the use of this dildo.

At least this dildo is massive and powerful. Although the concept of a dildo with a handle is not new, I have never before seen it implemented in silicone. It is an intriguing proposition, so I was very pleased that Lovehoney generously sent us this to review.

As a prelude to what is about to come, I would like to declare that I am a massive Tantus fanboy. I think that it is pretty clear from the long section of our toy list that is dominated by the name Tantus. But although no disaster, this dildo falls short of the usual exceptional standards of this brand.

The problems start with the material. Rather than the typical smooth, glossy finish I would associate with a Tantus product (and which is present on the head of this dildo), the company has elected to go for an extremely matte, almost rough, finish for the shaft of the Anaconda. This causes high friction to the touch nevermind in use. The surface also doesn't seem to grip lube very well, with a couple of different brands I normally find really good for anal play virtually rolling off.

Being silicone, this dildo has the advantage it can be thoroughly sterilised by boiling for a few minutes, but it is a little tricky to clean the grooves under the glans of the Anaconda.

In use this dildo is brutal. Sometimes this is a good thing. The handle allowed Lucy to savage me with this on one particular occasion, and I hugely enjoyed that. However, most of the time I find this a bit much. This is a big dildo, x cm around the head puts this firmly in the girthy camp, and it reduces only slightly from the point. but this is not really my problem. I could probably take the larger Tantus General from a standing start on even an average day if I put my mind to it. But the comparative bluntness of the head of this toy, and above all the roughness and firmness, mean I don't enjoy this most of the time. This is a shame, as the handle makes thrusting considerably less effort in several positions.

As I've already said, the handle is great fun. I would bet money that every single review of this has mentioned the desire to use this as a weapon. Just the feel of waving this wildly about in your hand, like a bizarre truncheon or cosh. I will happily admit to giving Lucy countless whacks on the head with the Anaconda during the course of our testing. Sadly, I think this might be the most fun I have had with this toy. I really don't understand the rationale behind the choice of finish to this (and it clearly was a concious choice, as the head shows), but it has pretty much ruined this for me. However, I think the main feature of the Anaconda, the handle, is actually a success, and I would certainly be interested in other models with handles in the future if they decided to change the texture.

She Says:

I have to say, my thoughts on this dildo largely echo those of Alex's. Tantus is one of my favourite sex toy brands, but this one just doesn't tick all the boxes.

I'll start with the size and shape. The Anaconda is pretty girthy and definitely wouldn't be classed as a beginner's dildo; it is too large for me to use anally at the moment. Strangely it tapers from a large head down to a smaller base, the opposite to what you would usually expect; meaning that it is the initial insertion that is the most difficult. As Alex has already explained, it has a strange matte finish which adds a lot of texture and increases friction whilst in use. Personally I prefer a smoother glossy finish for use vaginally, especially when using a larger toy. Even with copious amounts of lube I found this particular finish a bit uncomfortable after being in use for just a short amount of time. 

Now onto what makes this one different: the handle. I actually think that this a fantastic ergonomic development. For years now I have often chosen to use a double-ended dildo for a bit of self-loving, purely for the fact that the other end works as a great handle and can make light work of a good thrusting action.  This handle works even better than that, as the narrow diameter means that it is easier to grip and causes less hand cramping than a double-ender or normal dildo would. I have also thoroughly enjoyed using this dildo on Alex, it certainly allows me to give him a good pounding! Another potential market that I see for a handle like this would be for people suffering from arthritis or weakness in their hands; maybe it should become part of the occupational therapists tool kit!?

So in summary, I love the handle but don't really rate the dildo itself; and I'd love to see this design incorporated into a more conventional dildo.

Thanks again to Lovehoney for sending us this product in exchange for a fair review.

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Monday 23 July 2012

Digitalis deceptico var. Tiani

Found this brand new sub-species of foxglove whilst out on a walk - amazing!

Lucy took this shot whilst we were on our honeymoon a couple of months ago now. So I found it a little creepy when Ness showcased a fabulous pink rose/squeel wheel combo a few weeks ago. Obviously great minds think alike. And I definitely think this should become a new, exceptionally niche, genre of photography: sex toys paired with the flowers they resemble. Any more examples?

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Review: Nexus Revo

He Says:

The Revo in the name of this prostate massager is I think short for Revolution, simultaneously referring both to the cyclic rotating movement and a radical, paradigmatic change. It is in my view clear from the marketing that Nexus reckon that they are onto something revolutionary in this toy.

The form of this plug doesn't look very revolutionary. It is shaped like a pretty standard prostate massage, albeit with an unusually chunky base. This base houses two AA batteries and a motor to provide vibrations. So far so normal. But the reason the base is so massive is that it also contains a second motor, and a gearbox. These provide the revolution part of the Revo, rotating the head of the toy around slowly and powerfully. The idea of this is that the Revo really does act as a massager, stroking insistently and repetitively against the prostate.

Before I talk about how this works in practice, I want to talk about price. We don't usually discuss price much in this blog. This is partly because it can vary quite substantially depending on the store, any sales available, or how old the toy is when you are reading this review. The other reason is that it is really up to you  to decide how much you are willing or able to spend on a given toy, and determine whether a toy sounds like it would be worth it to you, or not, on the basis of the descriptions and opinions we and others provide. But the reason I am bringing up price is that, at the moment at least, the Revo is priced at around £120. That is definitely in the luxury toy end of the market. However, this toy really doesn't look luxurious: It is bulky; the base is made of a grim-looking gray plastic which would not be out of place on a cheap car dashboard; it is not waterproof (a big problem for an anal toy if you ask me); and at that price you really would expect a toy to be rechargeable. Furthermore, the battery compartment cap doesn't quite fit correctly on my Revo, and on a couple of occasions I have found a small amount of lube has leaked in there, and I have had to very carefully try to clean it out.

None of the above are fatal flaws, but they just make you feel that this toy has to do something extraordinary to justify the price tag.

Which it does.

The soft silicone skin means that the Revo is easily inserted with just a small amount of water-based lube. I find the shape fits me very well, sitting comfortably and securely inside me, with the head pressing firmly but not painfully against my prostate. I would definitely suggest a supine position for this toy as the large base gets in the way of sitting, and also blocks clear access to the sole button. This serves to control the power and cycle through the modes. For something with two independent functions of rotation and vibration  the Revo has very few settings of, in order: head rotation on, rotation and pulsing vibration; rotation and ramping vibration; off (not really sure this is a setting...). This is actually different to the description in the manual, which suggests there should be a continuous vibration mode with head rotation (which I think would be worthwhile).

As I try to make clear every time we review prostate toys, they don't really provoke much of a reaction in me. Some through poor design, but others act as they should: it is simply the case that I am not really sensitive to this kind of stimulation (I try to highlight which of these scenarios I believe is the case in each review). So when I turned the Revo on I received a bit of shock, of the most enjoyable variety!

The head is highly geared, making it very high torque, so the head rotates slowly but surely. And the feeling of it just sliding inexorably across my prostate over and over is heavenly. It almost kind of causes an intense, fluttery, butterfly-in-your-stomach type feeling. It is extremely relaxing; I often lie in place just letting the Revo work its magic whilst just casually playing with myself, or even just watching the telly. But it is also very arousing, with the vibrations providing just an extra little nudge of sensation to kick me over the edge. Although the Revo doesn't make me orgasm without any manual assistance, it does really get me worked up, and adds a lot to my masturbatory routine. It is the only prostate toy that I actually choose to use on a regular basis.

So the Revo is expensive, and has quite a few design flaws. But I am willing to forgive these flaws as it does also provide a unique, addictive sensation which I just can't get enough off. For me, this toy really is in a different league to any prostate toys I have ever tried. I just can't wait for a Revo 2 because, given some finishing touches, this toy really could be something special.

She Says:

I'll keep my comments short and sweet, as the Revo is very much a boys toy. I just wanted to say that I was really pleased that Alex has found a prostate stimulator that he enjoys. It is clear from his reactions when he's using this that it puts him into a state of bliss. It is so relaxing and enjoyable to be able to snuggle up to him and give him a helping hand whilst he's using this, and is a great option if we want to leave him fully satisfied when we're both feeling a bit tired, as the toy itself does most of the work. As Alex has already commented, with a few minor tweaks I believe the Revo could be truly revolutionary!

Thanks again to Nexus for sending us the Revo in exchange for our honest review.

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Saturday 21 July 2012

Bound to Please

These are some photos we took a while back, of me in a straitjacket. I love the feeling of being strapped in nice and tight from time to time. It was only afterwards that I noticed Lucy had centred most of them on my crotch...

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E[lust] #38

Photo courtesy of Lucy and Alex of A Couple of Wankers
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~ Top 3 ~
Wrong On Every Level - "If you wouldn’t ask them to borrow $20 bucks, how the fuck is it ok for you to ask them to fuck you? Oh right, it’s not."
Good Girl - "She nearly melted into me. When I finally released her, she exhaled–she had been holding her breath."
The Three Minute Game - "The timer went off and I breathed out, both a sigh of relief and disappointment that it was over."
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Bitch- "I don’t let her run the show…but she’s always around. She’s in the background saying: Bullshit"

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Friday 20 July 2012

Review: Sh! Women's Emporium Cupid 3 Dildo

She Says:

The Cupid 3 dildo really is an object of beauty. I am always being told off for being overly twee, and in that respect this super-cute dildo certainly reflects my personality. I love the Sh! Women's heart shaped base; this combined with the little pink, decorative, heart-shaped motif in the corner is enough to send me cooing into overload. I guess the design is actually very kitsch, for me it takes me back to my childhood and conjures up images of My Little Pony and The Carebears; a trait that you may consider incompatible with an adult product; but I personally think it's nice to have something with a cute and retro design like this for a change.

The Cupid 3 is made from a super-soft, extremely flexible glossy silicone. This makes it perfect for both anal and vaginal use, and means that you can thrust with all your might and not do any damage (well I guess it depends how much your might amounts to, but certainly not much damage!). I have used this dildo for both these purposes and found it extremely comfortable. It may be very flexible but it is still firm enough to thrust with. And of course, as it is silicone it can be sterilised by boiling for a few minutes in water, making it perfectly safe to enjoy for both uses.

The flared base is not only cute, but practical too. It makes a great handle for you to grasp onto whilst masturbating or using this on a partner, whilst also making sure it wont disappear up your rectum during anal play, and suitable for use in a harness. We have been using it with the excellent Sh! Women's Emporium Harness, the combination looks stunning together and we would thouroughly recommend purchasing both items if you want to achieve this beautiful, pure, bridal look. It would however also fit in any harness with a suitably sized o-ring (1.75" roughly)

Cupid 3 is reasonably narrow with a tapered head and a 6 inch shaft. The shaft has a slight curve to it and is composed of three subtle bumps which actually feel far less subtle when in use. By using just the first two segments vaginally, this dildo hits my g-spot and gives good stimulation, however it does lack a bit of firmness that would make it a great g-spot toy. I don't see this as a negative though, as you're never going to get a dildo that does everything. As it's not too long I'm able to take its full length both vaginally and anally, and the soft silicone means that it doesn't hurt if it prods against my cervix. The size, shape and softness of the dildo, combined with the large and slightly grippy base means that this has also become a firm favourite of ours to use for (harness-free) double penetration (using this in my ass whilst Alex is fucking me doggy-style). The base sits fairly securely against Alex's pubis, meaning that when he thrusts in and out of me so does the dildo - and let me tell you, that is a totally sensational experience!

In conclusion the Cupid 3 is an absolutely brilliant, top-quality adult product. Its well-proportioned size and unintimidating design would make it perfect as a beginner's dildo, but it also has properties that make it stand out from the crowd and worth purchasing for us sex toy junkies. This is a toy that is going to be used time and time again in our house and I can highly recommend it.

Thank you very much to Sh! Womens Emporium for sending us this dildo to review. Check out their site to find out what other quality toys they have on offer, including more of their silicone dildos. And do make sure you check out the sexy complementary Sh! Women's Corset Back Harness.

He Says:

This dildo was part of a very generous wedding present from Sh!, selected specifically to go with Lucy's wedding dress. It is actually the first Sh! branded dildo we have tried, and, I can tell you, it wont be our last.

The Cupid 3 is made of 100% silicone of a particularly pleasurable variety. It is very soft, squidgy and bendy, but dense and holds its shape well. The surface is glossy and sleek, yet grippy and almost rubbery too. I can't really describe it any further, hopefully our pictures are of some use also.

One entertaining feature of this dildo is the cardioid (a.k.a. heart-shaped, I just love that word though) base. This is both distinctive and practical, providing a secure base for harness use. When in manual (literally "by hand", from the Greek manos as this post seems to have turned into a etymology lesson) use, the base makes it slightly awkward to get a good grip, but by no means impossible.

The shape and size of this dildo are well thought out. There are a couple of subtle bumps, with a slight increase in diameter from tip to base, but nothing that interferes with vigourous thrusting. There is also a pleasant upwards curve (which sags a little bit due to the softness of the silicone). The combination of the size and the softness, with the non-phallic and non-threatening design, make it in my view a perfect beginner's dildo, both for vaginal play (though maybe something firmer and more curved would be worthwhile if you want strong g-spot stimulation) and for anal play.

However, I am by no means an anal beginner: so did I find this enjoyable? The answer is a resounding yes! I find this dildo excels in a very specific fashion for me. Playing with or being pegged with a large or highly textured dildo is a wonderful but extremely intense experience, and often I don't last all that long, so it doesn't really matter if I can't take a fucking for too long. However, sometimes I am in the mood for a longer session, or just something less harsh, but I often still find that after a while I get irritation and have to stop. The softness and shape of the Cupid 3 make it incredibly comfortable, and I have enjoyed some long, romantic sessions with it.

I love this dildo. It would be a brilliant, though not cheap, beginner's option, especially for anal play. The design may not appeal to everyone, though a variety of colours including some lovely looking marbled options are available. I am a believer in the principle that whilst only some people can enjoy big toys, everybody can enjoy the right small toy, and I think this is a versatile, comfortable and enjoyable option for all.
This dildo was provided to us by Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium in exchange for a fair and honest review, you can view all their own brand and other products at their web-store.

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Thursday 19 July 2012

Review: Nexus Glide

I am going solo! The Glide from Nexus is a toy designed to stimulate the prostate. Lucy doesn't have a prostate. This isn't the kind of toy that has lots of complicated parts or modes or features you can discuss. She could have tried it anally, but that wouldn't be a fair test for the Glide or the target market. So below is my personal viewpoint.

He Says:

A lot of men get a huge amount of pleasure from prostate stimulation, and regarded it as the primary appeal of anal stimulation. Although I enjoy the sensation of prostate manipulation, I generally don't find it particularly orgasmic, and derive much more satisfaction from stretching of my anus.

So I was uncertain what kind of opinion I might have when I received the Glide courtesy of Nexus, an out-and-out prostate massager.

The unique selling point of the Glide (along with its chunkier stablemates) is the presence of a metal rollerball on one leg which sits up against your perineum, allowing it to "glide" freely around as the toy moves about. The other leg faces downwards and provides an easy handle to jiggle (for want of a better word) the toy about.

The Glide is made of rigid plastic (a polypropylene the kind people at Nexus inform me), which is compatible with a silicone or water-based lubricant, though I would recommend a thick water-based lube to provide a bit of cushioning. The toy appears well made with very smooth mould lines barely visible, which is important with a material as unyielding as this. The materials make it extremely easy to clean with soapy water (I asked about boiling to sterilise, and the answer is that the material won't react chemically but may soften slightly so you could potentially deform it by accident. Whether you want to risk this is up to you.), you'll need to remove the rollerball to do this thoroughly though. A handy little widget is provided to do this, if you are anything like me this will almost certainly disappear at some point, but any small rod-like object could substitute.

The Glide is fairly easy to insert, being smallish and smooth. Once in place the head presses gently against my prostate. And then... I don't know really. If I squeeze, it moves slightly within me. Giving it a little wiggle (ah, a bit better than jiggle) is pleasant enough. But I have tried it a few times, left it in place for a long time, experimented in a variety of ways, and it really doesn't add a lot to my masturbatory experience. Certainly, I get more pleasure from using a larger, more conventionally shaped, butt plug, or an anal dildo.

So once again I have been left disappointed by prostate toy. I personally reckon the rollerball is a bit of a gimmick, as the Glide doesn't really move much laterally across the perineum in use. But it does hit my prostate well, and is certainly a well-made, and I think fairly attractive toy. As I mentioned at the start of this review, I have not found any particular enjoyment with other other highly rated prostate toys so if you know you enjoy a rigid, focussed pressure on your prostate I wouldn't write it off altogether.

Thank you to Nexus for sending us this item to review, you can find out more about the Nexus range below.


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Tuesday 17 July 2012

Toy With Me Tuesday: Making It Up As We Go Along

Unfortunately we have not had any time to take any new photos this we for Toy With Me Tuesday. But here is one of Lucy's which appeared in a review of the We-vibe Tango a little while back. I can summarise that review fairly simply: it's awesome.

And don't forget to check out all the other pics this Toy With Me Tuesday by clicking on the button below:

Toy with me Tuesday 

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Sunday 15 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey(scale)

First off, apologies for the title. I (Alex) am entirely to blame for that, there is nothing I find sexier than an awful pun. Except maybe Lucy a full underwear get-up...

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Saturday 14 July 2012

Review: Babes n Horny Frisco Harness and Mack Dildo

She Says:

We were very generously sent this fantastic harness and dildo set from the lovely people at Babes n Horny as a bit of a treat a while back. So many of you will have seen the pictures we took originally of them, it has proven to be an extremely popular post of ours, and I'm not surprised; it's an extremely sexy set. So here we are finally getting round to doing the review, but fear not, it was worth the wait...

Stepping away from the traditional sex toy colours we have the Mack in an electric blue and the Frisco harness in red denim (combined with the white shoes and socks I have on it's very patriotic don't you think? I should have done this post for the jubilee weekend!). I absolutely love the colours, often strap-on sex can be seen only as a BDSM activity, but these fun, vibrant colours shout out to the world that strap-on's can be for anyone!

I'll start with the harness first. Frisco was extremely easy to put on, even for the first time. All you have to do is step into the leg pieces and then tighten the straps up by pulling the excess material through the D-rings. I'm not sure what size I got sent, but there is a lot of excess material. For me this is probably one of the only downsides to this harness, I might get round to cutting the ends off and sewing them at some point, but in the meanwhile I tend to just double the straps back over on themselves and tuck them in somewhere so that they're not dangling about and getting in the way. On the plus side, this does mean that this harness will fit a huge range of figures (perhaps up to about a UK 22... don't quote me on that, it's a guess!). There are two ways of wearing the straps, either with them spread wide and going around your bum like a jock-strap (I find this more comfortable) or with the straps closer together at the back, more like a g-string.

Frisco is not only extremely comfortable, but it is by far the strongest of our harnesses.  Mack (the dildo) is absolutely huge, and weighs in at a whopping 800g! The Frisco harness supports it's huge weight effortlessly, without causing any discomfort to the wearer. It is the only harness we own that is able to cope with this beast! Because the straps have no give in them, once the harness is tightened, it stays tightened. If you have used strap-on's before you will be aware that one of the most annoying things is when the base of the dildo pulls away from your pubic area when you're trying to thrust, resulting in a lack of control of the toy and a much less satisfying experience. We've used the Frisco and Mack combination loads of times and we've never had this issue. In fact this is probably our most secure set, it allows me to have much more finely-tuned control over my actions and because of that I find it extremely satisfying to use.

If you decide to buy a Frisco harness you have to make a decision on what size O-ring (the ring that holds the dildo) you would like, as this is permanently sewn in and is not interchangeable. This does mean that it is slightly less versatile than other harnesses, but there are few positives that emerge from that. Firstly, it's much stronger as there aren't any fastenings to come undone. Secondly, it's much easier to use as there's no faffing around changing O-rings. In addition to this it also adds a luxury personal touch, to know that this harness is being hand-made for you to your specification; something which I think certainly helps justify the price tag. Obviously there is also the fact that many of your dildos (if you have a large collection!) will actually fit into the same sized O-ring. However, I would say that a Babes n Horny Harness is a must if you want to get a Mack (or similarly large dildo from them) for strap-on use; but I will talk more about that later.

The Mack dildo itself is an absolute beaut. Like all Babes n Horny dildos it comes with a choice of 39 different colour options! These range from classic primary colours, through to neons, skin tones, metalics and even camo; so there really is something for everyone. I would highly recommend checking out all the colour options on their website if you haven't been there before; it really is very impressive. In addition to this, if you're not too fussed about colour you can save some pennies and opt for the "random colour" option.

As I've said already, Mack is absolutely huge; it's classed as extra large on their website; but if you're not into massive dildos I really wouldn't let this put you off. Mack might be long (roughly 25cm full length) and girthy around the base, but the realistic head is actually quite small, and the top 15cm or so a completely workable size for most people. This not only means that insertion is very easy, but that you can warm up by just thrusting with the top half before taking the plunge for some deeper thrusts. In fact, sometimes I will use only the top part of the dildo for the whole session (only occasionally, normally Alex is begging for more by the time he's warmed up!). The length is one of the factors that make the Mack so fantastic for use when pegging. It can be very difficult for girls to thrust in the same way as our male counterparts, just because of our anatomy; our hips are made in a different way. I find that longer dildos make lots of pegging positions much easier (and would of course do the same for lesbian strap-on sex). So although I wouldn't class this toy as a beginner's option, I wouldn't say it's solely for advanced users either. It is definitely suitable for someone who enjoys a medium sized dildo, but has the added benefit of being able to act as a training tool to get you up to wider girths gradually; as well as being able to satisfy those who are more advanced with their anal play.

I think when it comes to attractiveness of the set, the pictures speak for themselves. I do feel very sexy in this get-up; that stunning erect angle of the Mack in the harness is just to die for. It really is a work of art.

I have actually used the Mack on myself vaginally without the harness. It was perfectly fine to use, but as it's so heavy it did really hurt my wrist. I continued with the show however as Alex found it incredibly sexy to see me using such an over-sized cock! I know Alex doesn't find the harness that comfortable to wear (it is designed for women after all), but if ever I had a sexy woman to play with I'd love her to try this dildo and harness combination out on me.; I imagine it would be a lot of fun!

If you're considering buying the Mack dildo for use in a strap-on harness, I would strongly advise that you buy a harness from the Babes n Horny range to go with it. Frisco is the only harness we have that is strong enough to hold this bad boy firmly in place to allow for a really fantastic experience. Not only this, it is the only harness we have with a large enough O-ring, we've not actually managed to find somewhere to buy interchangeable O-rings in this size (65mm) yet, though I'm sure they're out there somewhere. I realise the combination of the two products is very expensive, but I can assure you that you definitely get what you pay for. This is a top quality, reinforced, extra-strong, super-luxury harness with a huge hunk of silicone that has been carefully hand-crafted for your orgasmic pleasure. This is my absolute favourite set for use when pegging Alex, we come back to it time and time again and I know that it is a product that is going to last us for years to come. I cannot recommend these two products highly enough.

He Says:

We received these a while ago, but wanted to give them a through testing before posting a review. Which takes a while, as I'm not always up for such an experience. But when I am... Well.

We have decided to review this as a set for the reasons Lucy outlined above, but obviously you could use this dildo with a different harness or vice-versa. But the combination of the two looks striking and stunning on Lucy; the Frisco harness supports the dildo at a delicious angle, and the size and boldness of the dildo definitely excite me. The Mack dildo is a hefty chunk of fairly firm silicone, meaning it maintains its shape well, but there is a little bit of bounce and give in the material so it is not too unforgiving, in that regard at least.

Of course, being silicone means that this dildo can be sterilised by boiling for a few minutes (if you have a large enough pan, we use a jam pan which we also make our dildo soup in), as well as cleaning normally with a sex toy cleaner or a 10% bleach solution. In addition to this the Frisco harness is fully machine washable as it is made of denim, which is a rather brilliant thing as our harnesses often end up covered with a bit of lube (and perhaps on a rare occasion a bit of Santorum - if you don't know, don't ask), and it is pretty tricky to clean leather satisfactorily.

So how is this monster in me? Well, I don't want to worry people but I find it pretty comfortable - dare I say easy - to use. Before you start backing away slowly, hear me out. Despite the massive length, and huge girth at the base, the first few inches are not such an abnormal size. Therefore the initial penetration is not so brutal. You then have the choice of how much you want to take, with the advantage that you have plenty of handle to work with.

I wouldn't really recommend this dildo for prostate play, as it is somewhat difficult to manoeuvre into precise positions. It also simply seems a bit wasteful if this was your main use, as you wont be able to take advantage of the majority of this dildo.

This is similarly the case for vaginal use. It looks absolutely amazing when Lucy uses it, a real show and treat for me, but it seems to me if you are paying for all that silicone you should be able to use it!

It is in a harness that the Mack dildo really comes into its own. Providing you have a serious harness to tame this beast. The length means you can play in a variety of positions, including those such as (anal) missionary that can be tricky with a shorter dildo. Furthermore, if you find yourself in need of a real seeing to, the length and shape make that possible. I have particularly enjoyed this pairing in doggy-style, where I am able to take it to the hilt.

I have tried this harness on myself, and found it not particularly well suited to a man, as the lower straps pinch the scrotum uncomfortably (though less so than some hard leather straps might). This is unsurprising due to the target market, but it is worth noting that Babes n Horny sell a couple of harnesses designed for male use, if this is something you are interested in.

Overall, I think this combination is pretty spectacular. The harness is very sexy, with a very different look to the vast majority of harnesses, whilst being extremely strong and supportive, not to mention the practical benefits with regards washing. The only major disadvantage is the lack of changeable o-ring, though on the plus side you can choose what size you want. Mack is a wonderfully intimidating dildo (available in an array of colour options), but its bark is definitely worse than its bite. I don't think you would necessarily get the most out of it vaginally (but what do I know- pretty much the point of this blog), but it is capable of satisfying a wide range of tastes and moods anally.

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