Saturday 5 May 2012

Review: Lovehoney G-Spot Happy Rabbit

We present to you, the all new Lovehoney G-Spot Happy Rabbit!

For weeks now we've been holding our tongues about the brand new range of rechargeable silicone Happy Rabbit Vibrators brought to you by one of the leading sex toy retailers in the UK. Today the embargo is lifted so we're finally able to spill the beans on what to expect...

She Says:
Wow, well Lovehoney have certainly pulled out all the stops with this little (or in fact, not so little) beauty. The design is clean, modern and sexy; it's what you would expect from a top of the range luxury sex toy manufacturer. I love the sophisticated black and white design, a very welcome step away from the pinks and purples of the sex toy world which we are all so familiar with. The black silicone has a matte finish and is reasonably firm. Being black silicone it does have a tendency to pick up airborne lint (a photographer's nightmare!), but this is easily dealt with for normal use by running the shaft of the rabbit under warm water beforehand. The white base is made from a glossy white plastic, the type you would expect to see featuring on an Apple product. The power controls are in the shape of an exclamation mark, another fun and quirky design feature. 

As for power, the rabbit has three internal motors. One for the ears and two in the main shaft. The dot of the exclamation mark controls the ears. You press it once to turn it on, then keep pressing to cycle through the three settings: low, medium and high continuous vibrations. To turn it off you press and hold the button. One feature of the controls which I think is extremely useful and quite advantageous over similar toys is that when you turn the vibrations on, they come on at the setting you were on last. This means you don't have to keep cycling through the settings to get to the one you want, particularly useful if like me you like to have little rests in your masturbation session as you get closer to orgasm.  The main shaft of the rabbit is controlled by the dash of the exclamation mark. The button works in exactly the same way as the one for the ears, but this time there are five settings to choose from; low, medium, high and two pulsating settings. 

The Happy Rabbit is slightly different to most other rabbits when in use. The vibrations in the ears themselves aren't the strongest I've ever felt in a rabbit vibrator, in fact they were not enough when used alone to be able to make me cum. I think the main reason for this is that they are quite long, so the vibration has further to travel from the motor before it gets to your clit, thus losing some of its power. However, the  vibrations in the shaft are very strong. Normally internal vibration doesn't really do much for me, and in the past I have almost always used rabbit vibrators with only the ears turned on. But the combination of the vibrations internally and externally via the ears was enough to easily tip me over the edge. I have to say it was a very different sensation compared to most rabbits, not what I was expecting at all. I don't want to say that it's better, because I don't think it is, but it's definitely not worse. Just different. As for the g-spot shape,  you may have heard me say before that my g-spot isn't particularly sensitive, so you might wonder why I chose the g-spot rabbit? Well, I have never tried a rabbit vibrator particularly aimed at this area before, but more importantly I liked the sexy black colour! I'm not sure if this really hits my g-spot or not, I'm really not the best person to judge this toy from that perspective. But it must be doing something right, as it is the first internal vibrator I have enjoyed using. 

So its ears might not be the best ever, but this rabbit does have two major selling points in my opinion. Firstly it's rechargeable, which is just fantastic. Secondly, it is made of silicone, which is the best body-safe sex toy material around. In this respect the Happy Rabbit certainly lives up to its name - silicone toys make me very happy. 

For the second time recently I am actually going to discuss packaging (something I usually don't bother with), because I think this well thought out packaging deserves some credit. The rabbit comes packed in a sturdy black gift box, there is a slip on cover over this which is glossy white with an image of the rabbit on the front (see top photo). It is well thought out, stylish and in no way offensive or off-putting to an inexperienced sex toy purchaser. This box (minus the sleeve) could easily be used as discreet storage for your buzzing buddy. But it doesn't stop there. Inside the box you will also find a black silk drawstring bag, so if you would rather store it in a sex toy or knicker drawer, you can be assured that it will stay hidden and the silicone will be protected. I have to say, I am very impressed with this extra effort, it would make such a perfect romantic gift.  

Overall this is a really great product; the design is absolutely beautiful. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that the vibrations in the ears aren't particularly strong when used alone, but when combined with the internal vibrator it results in a fantastic sensation. If you're looking for a new body-safe, silicone rabbit vibrator I can certainly recommend this to you. 

He Says:
I get so jealous when I see such a sexy looking toy, and can only imagine what it would be like to use. I guess I should just invest heavily in male masturbators and prostate toys but somehow it's just not the same!

From that little moan you can probably tell I like the look of this thing. The only (tiny) imperfections are that you can notice a slight mould line bisecting the rabbit, and the fact that the Lovehoney logo printed on the bottom is smudging slightly. Both of those fall straight into the nit-picking category though.

Lovehoney have made a big deal in their press of this being quiet, and I would agree it is pretty quiet for the power; certainly more so than any other rabbit we own. As a silicone toy it should be body-safe and easy to clean. There is a slight complication in this regard in that the Happy Rabbit is not waterproof, so cannot be boiled to sterilise in the way many silicone toys can. Still, wiping it down with sex toy cleaner or a dilute bleach solution should be fine.

Being a rechargeable toy, I am also impressed with the environmental credentials on display here. To be frank, I am like the majority of people in that I profess to care deeply about the environment until it in some way requires me to put my money where my mouth is, or alter my lifestyle in any appreciable way. But I will take that warm fuzzy feeling as an added bonus. If you were buying this, you could also trade in an old rabbit using Lovehoney's fantastic rabbit amnesty scheme.

I have not tried it out myself, so ultimately can't judge this toy on the most important criterion: performance. But the Happy Rabbit has everything going for it, and I kind of shudder to think how much success I suspect Lovehoney will have with it. And of course thanks again to Lovehoney for sending us this toy in exchange for our honest opinion.

The Lovehoney G-Spot Happy Rabbit will be available alongside two other models next Tuesday (8th May 2012) to coincide with their feature documentary on Channel 4, which you can read all about here.

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  1. Great review! I'm very tempted to get a Happy Rabbit. If I do it would most likely be this G-spot one too.