Friday 4 May 2012

Review: Madonna Nudes Intimate Desire Massage Oil

Madonna Nudes Intimate Desire Massage Oil was kindly sent to us free of charge from Sex Health in return for our honest review.

She Says:

We've not really used many oils specifically designed for massage before, partly because we don't give each other massages very often (think that needs to change!) and partly because we usually just use baby oil because it's cheap and easily available in the supermarkets. So I was keen to try this product out.

The oil itself is a lovely texture, quite thick, and stays on the skin for quite a long time after application (even on my horribly dry skin), so you don't have to keep reapplying. Supposedly it's meant to be a warming oil, which "heats up" when you blow on it, however, I did use the product before reading this and didn't notice on the first time round. After reading I investigated further. If the oil is applied quite thickly you can feel a very slight warming sensation when blowing it, which is quite pleasant, but not obvious enough in my opinion. If it's already been rubbed into the skin, so is just a thin layer, I personally cannot feel any warming sensation at all. Don't be too put off by the luminous pink bottle, the oil itself is completely clear.

My skin is reasonably sensitive, so it's always a bit of a worry trying out new products like this (another reason why the baby oil is our usual go-to). But I am pleased to report that this oil has not reacted with my skin at all. In fact, it has left it feeling very soft and moisturised. The Sex Health website have endorsed this product for use as an intimate massage oil as well as a general massage oil. We've not tried it out in this way on me as it does contain glycerin and lots of other fragrances which I don't want going anywhere near my vagina: thrush is not sexy.

I'm not really sure what market they are aiming for with this product as it does seem to have two contrasting features. The packaging is in the style of a perfume aimed at teenagers; black label, pink bottle with an old picture of Madonna's face in black and white on it (please note that this product is not actually endorsed by Madonna). However, the smell of the oil reminds me of a granny-like bubble bath - rose scented. Fortunately I am a fan of vintage (shall we say!) fragrances, but it is old-fashioned, and doesn't really fit with the "young and trendy" packaging.

Overall I think the Madonna Nude Intimate Desire Massage Oil is quite nice if you like things that are rose fragranced.  However, if you're looking for a self-heating oil, this isn't for you as it really doesn't live up to its product description in this area.

He Says:

Lucy was a big fan of the feel of this oil. I didn't really like having it used on me however, the texture is a bit clingy, though fairly moisturising. I had to go and wash it off my hands as soon as I was finished when using it with Lucy. I am very particular about things like this though, there are only one or two lubes I can tolerate the skin feel of for instance, and the thought of newsprint on my fingers sends an involuntary shudder down my spine. I felt absolutely no warming effect I am afraid to report. On the plus side, I had no reaction to it, and my skin is often quite sensitive.

I find the contrast between the vivid pink bottle and the delicate floral scent a bit odd. I disliked the packaging at first, but it has grown on me slightly; it certainly isn't something I am too worried about. I like the pump on this bottle, it dispenses a small amount of oil, and doesn't drip at all. The cap also prevents the pump from being accidentally depressed in a bag or some similar scenario, and itself is securely attached without being impossible to remove with oily fingers. Small details like this make me happy.

A side point. Many products in the sex toy industry have disclaimers such as "this is a novelty product, blah blah blah". But this wins the award for the oddest I have seen so far: "This is not a contraceptive". Thanks for clarifying this... I am actually slightly intrigued as to why this is included (some kind of litigation, or a cultural confusion thing?). Any suggestions in the comments.

I don't like this product as much as Lucy. There is nothing terribly wrong with it, it really is just a matter of not appealing to my personal tastes. Really the two primary factors to a massage oil are the texture and smell, so if these sound like they would appeal to you then I would in fact definitely recommend this.

Thank you once again to Sex Health for sending us this product to review.

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