Thursday 28 June 2012

Review: Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle Snow Pear and Cedarwood

She Says:

Lelo Spain, in conjunction with WolfysNation, sent us the most fantastic goody box full of presents and toys for us to enjoy and test out on our honeymoon. This Lelo Flickering Snow Pear and Cedarwood Massage Candle is the first in set of Lelo reviews we have lined up for you.

I have been desperate to try a massage candle for ages now, but it's not been the top of Alex's list and there have always been things that we've needed to spend our spare pennies on. I was therefore over the moon when this candle arrived at our front door.

The packaging is beautiful, exactly what you would expect from a luxury sex toy brand like Lelo. It just oozes sophistication and sexiness, and and has the eco-credentials to go with it as it is completely recyclable. The candle itself comes in a very elegant black glass jar with a metal lid and a stylish neon green plastic handle. One thing to point out is that the lid just sits on top of the candle, it doesn't fasten in any way. So if you were planning on using this as a travel item you'd have to keep it in its original box or devise another way of packaging it.

The smell of the candle before you start to burn it is very subtle indeed, but pleasant. Once it is burning the aroma is augmented to a degree but it still remains very subtle; a feature we both actually quite like. There's nothing worse than having a really overpowering scent filling a room.

The wax melts to form an oil reasonably quickly. We left ours burning for about half an hour before use and had more than enough oil to play with. The instructions say to blow out the candle and to leave the oil for 30 seconds to cool before use. We followed the instructions. At this temperature it was heavenly when poured into Alex's hands first and then rubbed over my body, but I did find it a little hot for my liking when dripped directly onto my back. It wasn't hot enough to leave any marks, and I'm sure lots of people who are less of a wuss than me would find it a particularly arousing sensation. Also, it does make quite a mess if you try to pour it as unlike some other massage candles it doesn't have a spout to the jar. This does mean that you get wax running all down the side of the jar, so if you have furniture you don't want to get damaged I'd put at least a coaster or something down first.

My skin is dry and quite sensitive. It soaks up moisturiser like a dry sponge and comes out in a rash on an all too regular basis. But Lelo didn't let me down. The wax was very long lasting (some would argue too much so, but I loved it) which meant that Alex was able to give me a really long massage without having to apply more. There was absolutely no adverse reaction with my skin, and it was left feeling beautifully soft and supple the next day.

Overall I really enjoyed this Lelo massage candle and would recommend it for anyone who is after a long, subtly fragranced sensual massage. It has certainly left me wanting to try out more products like this in the future.

He Says:

Lucy has been keen to try out a massage candle for a while, but we have always found something else on our priorities list to supersede it. However, Lelo Spain together with WolfysNation very kindly sent us this along with a bunch of other goodies as a wedding present!

The wax in massage candles is soy-based, which has a lower melting temperature than normal paraffin wax candles (and FYI those still on whale blubber: even hotter. We put in the research miles here at A Couple of Wankers).

There are two main ways of using these candles. One is for sensation play, dripping hot wax onto a partner. The other is to use the molten wax as a warm massage oil (the only difference between a wax and an oil being the physical state they are in). We are much more interested in this second use.

I have used this product on Lucy, we have not tried it the other way round as I am very odd about the feeling of oily or sticky liquids on my skin. I hate the texture of virtually all moisturisers, oils and lubricants on my skin. I could just about tolerate the feeling of this on my hands for the duration of a massage, but felt the need to wash my hands thoroughly afterwards. But as I say, this is my hang-up, and shouldn't be held against the product at all. By the way, I would be very interested to hear in the comments if anyone suffers from the same affliction as me!

The instructions suggest you let the candle burn for a while before use to let a sufficient volume of oil form. We found at least half an hour was necessary the first time we used this. For subsequent uses the time was reduced, as there was now a crater the oil could pool in, if that makes sense? You should then blow the flame out and wait 30 seconds for the oil to cool, before pouring it over your partner's back (or wherever else you want to massage). Or at least that is what the instructions suggest. Lucy found the oil a little too hot dripped directly onto her skin (merely uncomfortable, not burning hot). So we found a better method for us was for me to drip it into my hands, and then rub onto her back after a couple of seconds.

The oil works very well from the masseurs point of view. It is pretty viscous, so doesn't run where you don't want it. Also, it seems to be absorbed only very slowly so a little a goes a long way. I was very impressed with how long this remained liquid for; one of my worries was that it would rapidly solidify and just coat the area.

Overall, we were very impressed with this. It looks beautiful, is effective, and I would estimate that you would probably get 10 or 20 uses out of it (anyone care to give a more accurate estimate below?). So, with the caveat of not having tried any of its competitors thus far, we would definitely recommend this Lelo massage candle. 

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