Thursday 21 June 2012

A Wedding Gift from Lelo

We've recently started collaborating with WolfysNation, the quality erotic guide. It's a Spanish/English site dedicated to finding some of the best erotic photography, products, videos and music and bring it all together in one place for readers to enjoy. 

As a bit of a treat for our honeymoon, the lovely people at WolfysNation organised for Lelo Spain to send us a few goodies to enjoy. We were so excited when we came back to our flat the day after the wedding to find this huge box packed full of Lelo items for testing! These reviews are going to be posted on our blog as per usual, but will also be up on our section on WolfysNation site, with a full Spanish translation.

Here's a bit of a sneak-preview of just some of the reviews that we've got coming your way soon (but what could be in the big envelopes... we're not telling!):

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