Wednesday 20 June 2012

Review: SMP Vaginal Pump Kit

We received this vaginal pump from Sex Health free of charge in exchange for our honest review.

She Says:

I've never tried a pussy pump before, so when we we're offered the chance to try out this SMP Vaginal Pump Kit I was very keen to give it a go. 

Let's start with looks and material. The pump itself is made from a luminous red rubber, whilst the corrugated tubing and vaginal portion are in a fluorescent pink plastic. It seems to be very well made and the materials seems sturdy and of a good quality. The tubing and pump disconnect from the vaginal section by pressing a small metal button, presumably to enable easy cleaning of this section, or if you wanted to use the pump on another SMP product. Next to the pump there is also a white plastic button, this acts a quick release and breaks the vacuum seal when it is in use. The button is very easy to use, so you don't have to worry about this device getting stuck on you!

Now onto the testing... Unfortunately I did experience some difficulties when testing out this product. The main issue being that the flat area around the base of the vaginal portion was too big to lie against my skin in my vaginal area without there being a gap, rendering the product completely useless. I tried using lube, thinking that might somehow bridge the gap, but with no luck. Eventually I came up with the idea of covering up the gap with a bit of clingfilm - the things I do in order to give a thorough review! As you can imagine, wrapping my lady parts up like a packed lunch wasn't the sexiest thing I've ever done, but it did the trick!

I have to say I was quite nervous when it came to pumping, I was scared that it was going to hurt; but I'm pleased to announce that it didn't. Watching my pussy swell up bigger and bigger inside the pink casing was pretty fun, and felt quite nice. A similar sensation to when Alex sucks on my pussy lips, but less wet. After releasing the seal and removing the pump my vagina remained engorged for a minute or so, and then went back to it's normal state. 

Personally I found that although my clitoris and labia were engorged, I didn't have a heightened sensitivity to stimulation in the area straight after use. It just felt exactly the same as before, which was quite disappointing. 

I have read great reviews about pussy pumps from other reviewers, so maybe it is just this one that's not up to scratch, or maybe it's just something I don't get along with. But overall I'm afraid I cannot recommend this product from personal experience as the vaginal "cup" was too large and it did not augment my sexual sensations after use.

He Says:

We were slightly nonplussed when offered this for review by the kind people at Sex Health. We were both vaugely aware of the existence of pussy pumping (for those that don't know it is very much like penis pumping, except with a cup that goes over the whole genital region rather than a cylinder over the shaft of the penis), without ever having particularly thought about it or about trying it. However, I always bear in mind a phrase of uncertain attribution: "Try everything once except morris dancing or incest". So we decided to give it a go.

The pump looks very much as you might imagine, with a translucent solid plastic cup, a tube which clips into the top of this, and a hand pump with a release valve on the side.

Lucy found it very difficult to position the cup to form an effective seal around her genitals. This was because of the large size and rigidity of the cup. Lucy does have a fairly slight frame, but this is definitely worth keeping in mind. She has already described her creative solution to this problem!

As I understand it, there are a variety of motivations for pussy pumping. Some people purely enjoy the look of an engorged pussy, whilst some find that increased blood flow to the region increases sensitivity and heightens orgasms. It certainly only took a couple of pumps to create a dramatic effect. I found the look very interesting, but I have to say not particularly arousing. The effect did not last appreciably after the pump was removed, and Lucy did not report any change in sensation.

It is quite difficult to judge this, having nothing to compare it to. Though fairly basic, it does its job fairly well, concerns about the size aside, but the whole concept didn't really work for us. However, if you know this appeals to you, or are interested in experimenting, this certainly wouldn't be a bad place to start.

Thanks again to Sex Health for sending us this product to review.

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  1. What's wrong with morris dancing? hehehe I can say that because I know some English morris dancers.

    I've always wanted to try a vaginal pump. I haven't had the opportunity yet. I wonder if, as a larger girl, I'd have more success with getting the cup to seal on me. Interesting thought - not a one-size fits all. The idea of using cling-wrap is not sexy in the least.