Thursday 21 June 2012

Review: We Vibe Tango

He Says:

The We Vibe Tango was our first rechargeable clitoral vibe. We'd always previously been a bit reluctant about buying rechargeable vibes because it's a significant upfront cost for something that there is no guarantee that you are going to enjoy, even if Lucy would quickly make it back in money spent on batteries the rate she gets through them. We also had concerns over the battery life in such a small toy. But it was on sale at a very good price at Lovehoney, so we decided to take the plunge. (We're sad to report that this product appears to have now been discontinued at Lovehoney, but you can still find it at lots of other online retailers).

The Tango is approximately the size of a lipstick, and indeed is shaped and coloured to resemble a lipstick also. It wouldn't fool anyone if they had a close inspection (e.g. obvious lack of case), but the colouration especially means it might avoid a second glance if left out on the side or spotted in the bottom of a handbag, if discretion is something that concerns you (we tend to favour the "well if you think that's a dildo, whilst eagerly producing this from a drawer, approach).

The Tango comes in a white satin drawstring bag. We actually use this for a change to store both it and the charger due to its, in our experience, near unique combination of: looking and feeling decent; being able to fit all the components in comfortably whilst not occupying too much space; and bring easy to get into in a hurry/with lubey fingers.

It comes with a roughly 2m long charging cable, the end of which plugs into a small disc-shaped magnetic charger adaptor. This allows the body of the Tango to be completely sealed and therefore waterproof. There is no good reason I can see for the adaptor part to be removable from the power cable (I imagine it was probably cheaper to make it that way) and my advice would be to not remove it as it seems exactly the kind of thing that would roll off into the ether given half a chance.

Lucy will give you the full breakdown of its use (spoiler alert: it's awesome) but I for one was extremely impressed with the power (my fingers were left numb after gripping it for a few minutes), and the, in my view slightly unimaginatively coloured, ABS plastic seems to transmit the vibrations very well.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this vibe - except the price tag. If you were able to get it at £25 like we did I would recommend it without hesitation. At the full RRP I would think about it more; how important power is to you, how many batteries you get through a month. And probably then still buy it anyway.

She Says:

I'll start with a bold statement. The We-Vibe Tango is THE best bullet style vibrator I have tried by a long shot. I mean seriously, this little lipstick wonder is bloody fantastic. I had heard good things about the Tango (and it's partner in crime the Salsa) and really wanted to try it but had been put off by the hefty price tag, fortunately for us it came up in a Lovehoney sale. I always try to keep my expectations low when it comes to vibrators, especially small bullet sized vibes which can often be so disappointingly lacking in power. Up until this point my favourite clitoral vibrator had been the perfect partners vibrator (and still is my favourite budget vibe), but it's fair to say that the Tango has completely blown it out of the water.

So why do I love the We-Vibe Tango so much? Let's start with its best attribute: power. This is by far the most powerful bullet vibrator I have ever tried. The vibrations are not only strong, but also extremely rumbly, in a similar way to the rumbly vibrations you get from mains-powered wand vibrators, but crammed in to a much smaller package.  The vibrations aren't quite as strong as something like that - obviously no-one would expect them to be - but the type of vibration is certainly comparable. Being rumbly means that the vibrations penetrate quite deeply into the surrounding area and create a fantastic sensation. I'm a little bit addicted to using this vibrator alongside g-spot shaped dildos at the moment, particularly the Tantus Acute. The combination of some vigourous thrusting against my g-spot with that little beauty and the vibrations of the Tango on my clit is absolutely incredible and has resulted in some of the most ground-shaking, intense orgasms I have ever experienced. In fact, I've actually just got myself so worked up writing about that combination that I'm just going to have to go and give it a quick test again. Just for the sake of thoroughness, of course...

Right I'm back... and yes, I can confirm that it is a friggin' awesome combination. There are 4 different vibration speed settings and then 4 different patterned vibrations. Normally when using a vibrator with multiple speeds I will only use it set to full power, however with the Tango it's different. Even the low speeds have that same strong rumbly power. So if I want a powerful orgasm with a longer, slower build-up I can use one of the lower speed settings: if I'm in need of a quickie I can just wack it up to 4. I have to admit that I've not tried to reach orgasm on the lowest speed-setting, mainly because I'm too inpatient, but I have done it fairly easily on the second lowest setting. I love the fact that I enjoy more than just one of the speed-settings, it makes this toy so much more versatile. Another great feature is how the on-off button has memory. You press it once to turn it on, then keep pressing once to cycle through the settings. If you want to turn it off you press and hold the button, when you turn it back on again it will start at the setting you were on last. This eliminates that frustrating period of flicking through all the settings again whenever you want to have a little break from clitoral vibrations to get back to that one you like. Genius.

I'll try and summarise everything else that makes this vibrator so fabulous more succinctly than the above because you'll probably get bored if I continue rambling on, praising every little thing about it (however much I would like to). It's completely waterproof because of the magnetic charger, so great for some bath time fun. It has a 90 minute rapid recharge. It holds its charge very well (it has somehow managed to go a week without use since I've had it, but it had enough charge still in it to last a good few sessions despite not being fully charged when it got put away). One charge lasts quite a long time; in its first day of use it was on and off for about a three hour stint, and kept me satisfied throughout that period (officially it's meant to have a 2 hour charge life, so that is fairly consistent). It's constructed of "100% body-safe PC-ABS thermoplastic", which is such a fantastic material (whatever precisely it is?) for a vibrator as it really transmits the vibrations well, unlike silicone which tends to act as a shock absorber. This, combined with the fact it's waterproof, makes it very easy to clean with just soap and warm water. Amazingly it is also manages to be really quiet despite it's power; a combination that is rarely achieved in the sex toy world, and one which is well worth applauding. Personally I find the angled tip absolutely perfect for giving me the best clitoral stimulation, but if you're more of a fan of a pointed tip, perhaps give the We-Vibe Salsa a go. 

We love using the We-Vibe Tango during sex because it really is so small and discreet, it doesn't get in the way at all. If you're concerned about being green, this little vibe has all the eco credentials (not only because of its rechargable battery; the packaging is also completely recyclable and it claims to have carbon-neutral manufacture and distribution). Plus if you use a clitoral vibrator often (which you will do if you buy this) you'll soon make your money back in the savings you will make in batteries. 

I could go on and on. I have tried very hard to keep calm and write this post like a normal sane human being, which has been rather difficult. I just want to shout out in capitals letters YOU MUST OWN THIS VIBRATOR! Honestly, it's not that I've been taken hostage at We-Vibe HQ and they've made me write a rave review before I am allowed to leave (maybe that explains why Alex and I have been so quiet on the blog recently...). I can honestly say that this is the best sex toy I own and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys clitoral vibrators (or any men who enjoy bullet vibes). Thank you We-Vibe for making such a fantastic, good quality product. 

P.S. Just want to point out, that although it is my favourite sex toy at the moment, I am always willing to be persuaded otherwise - let me know if you think it's got a challenger! I'm more than happy to put it to the test!

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  1. I agree this is a must have vibe.. It is the best bullet vibrator around in my view.. incredible X

  2. Fantastic review. We couldn't believe the power when we first had these in. And the quietness! Not quite sure how We Vibe managed this but we're settling on 'magic'.

  3. Thanks to a brilliant effort in publishing your article. One can be more informative as this. There are many things I can know only after reading your wonderful article.

  4. I’ve read many positive reviews about the We Vibe Tango. But I think it’s “hand carry” feature is the best.

    -Ryan| sex toys Philippines

  5. We Vibe is one of the best makers of sex toys like bullet vibrators.