Monday 2 July 2012

What's your cup of tea?

Can you imagine a sex toy reviewing tea party? We think it would be pretty awesome.

Be sure to check out who else is playing Toy With Me Tuesday by clicking on the button below:

Toy with me Tuesday

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  1. ohhhhhhhhh pink pink pink nooooo blue!!

    Can I come round for a cuppa, please?

  2. Loving all the flowery pottery its absolutely gorgeous.
    It has to be the pink cup...oh but then I like the blue one...or maybe the grey balls!
    Gorgeous pik!

  3. I would love a sex toy review party. That sounds like such a fun idea!!

    I think I pick the pink cup. ;) Love the picture and the theme!

  4. Gorgeous, as always! I'm a sucker for patterns. :-)

  5. Stunning. Love how delicate this looks. x

  6. Fantastic photo, as always by you guys :-)

    I'm actually more impressed by your china teapot and cups than by the toys, though. I'm a real tea fan!

  7. Would have to try them all just to see what I liked the best :P

  8. On day I will arrange a sex toy tea party and it will be the greatest tea party ever!

  9. It's a little busy for my eyes with the blue and white (china), but then I probably have an aversion to that stuff thanks to my mother! Otherwise, I think it;s a great shot and another fantastic idea. :)

  10. This needs to happen... I'll bake cakes! :D