Sunday 1 July 2012

Review: Sh! Women's Emporium Corset Back Harness

He Says:

As regular readers will know Lucy and I were wed a few weeks ago. We had a fantastic day, Lucy looked beautiful, and we received many lovely presents from friends and family. We also received some other fabulous gifts, which we definitely will not be showing to out friends and family. Sh! Women's Store were kind enough to send us this harness (along with the Cupid 3 dildo it is featured with in some of these images, which we will be reviewing shortly). Very bridal don't you think?

This is not a difficult product to review. It is an absolutely brilliant harness. As you can see for yourself, it is beautiful, and I love the contrast of the virginal white with the intended use. The leather is extremely soft and supple, allowing it to conform closely to Lucy's body.

All the stitching and components ooze quality. Another fantastic aspect is that as it comes sized you avoid long dangling straps, and the corset back provides another method to control the size and fit. The small size means I am unable to wear the harness myself, which is a bit of a shame because I wonder whether the soft leather might help avoid the classic harness pinch problem for men.

The Sh! corset harness provides good control for Lucy, holding decent sized dildos in place. The o-rings are interchangeable (it comes with 3 of differing sizes), but perhaps this harness isn't the best for a very weighty dildo, due to the softness of the leather. But the most disappointing thing about this harness for me is how low it sits on Lucy. This means that dildos almost point downwards, and there is nothing I love more than being confronted with an aggressively angled toy.

I am willing to forgive this though, simply for the pure beauty and quality of this harness. If you want a harness that looks innocent and sensual, yet is capable of some very non-innocent action, then this would be a brilliant choice.
She Says:

I spotted this harness in the Sh! Women's Store and immediately knew that this was a must have for our honeymoon. I want to say a huge thank you to the lovely ladies there for organising for us to review this product (and most importantly for helping me keep it secret from Alex beforehand so I really could surprise him with it as his wife). 

If you read our blog regularly you'll know that we're big fans of pegging (where a woman dons a strap-on harness and a dildo to use on a man). One of the most important things for a good pegging experience is a well-fitted, secure and comfortable harness. I am pleased to report that this corset harness not only fulfils those requirements but goes over and above by being absolutely beautiful, which helps to set the scene in the bedroom (or wherever you might be!) and get you both in the mood. It is basically a sexy piece of lingerie with added extras. One of the worst features of a strap-on is it pulling away from the pubic region whilst you're thrusting, this happens with lots of lower quality harnesses and is thankfully not a feature of this product. 

As Alex has said, it comes in different sizes. Being a fairly small person myself I really appreciate this as often one-size-fits-all harnesses are very large on me and I end up with long straps hanging around and getting in the way. It's a quick and easy harness to put on as the large section at the back makes it obvious where the waist band is (sounds trivial but I easily get confused when having to decipher lots of straps that look the same), which makes impromptu pegging sessions more likely! You tighten the straps to your size by pulling the excess through the D-rings. 

I would say that this harness isn't the strongest we own, I doubt it would hold the largest of our dildo collection. But not everyone is a size-queen like Alex, and it would hold a huge variety of small to medium/large dildos. Because of the colouring it works particularly well with the Sh! Women's Cupid 3 dildo, and I'm sure would look fantastic with other quality silicone dildos from their range

As you can see, in this colour it works fantastically as a virginal white bridal harness set and made for a brilliant surprise for Alex, if anyone has got any forthcoming nuptuals (or just fancy some bridal themed play!) then I would highly recommend it. If pearly white isn't your thing, you're in luck, as this harness also comes in a range of different colours. The Sh! Women's Store actually have a bridal range on their site, which I think is such a fantastic idea. What better way to start into your married (or civil partnershiped... hopefully married soon!) life than with some beautiful, sensual new toys for you to enjoy together as a couple. 

Unfortunately I don't have a girlfriend to test this product out for lesbian use, but I'm sure it would be well up to that task too. For the quality you get with this product, it is reasonably priced at £67, especially when you compare it with similar products on the market.

In conclusion, this corset harness is an absolutely beautiful product that is also extremely functional. I would recommend it to anyone wanting something pretty and girly to strap a dildo into! 

Thanks again to Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium and be sure to check out the other sex toys they have on offer here. If you want to see more photos of me wearing this set, then click on our link below to Marital Bliss

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  1. This has got to be one of the most beautiful harnesses I've ever seen. I so wish I would have had one for my wedding night. It just looks perfect with the dress. The corset back is my favorite harness design. So sexy! I'm sure you had a wonderful wedding night with this!

  2. A bride taking her groom's anal virginity on their wedding night is a really sexy notion. She takes off the white gown and puts on this white strap-on harness and dildo over her white lingerie. Wow!

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