Monday 30 April 2012

Review: Wand Essentials 7 Function Wand

Wand Essentials 7 Function Wand is a battery powered wand vibrator that was kindly sent to us by Sex Health for the purpose of this review.

She Says:

Any vibrator that describes itself as a wand immediately raises the bar of my expectations. Bullet vibes or finger vibes are designed to be small and discrete, and because of this they're not always that powerful. However, with wands size and design are often cast aside, making way for the most important feature of a wand: power. And how do I think this one compares on the power scale? Well it's pretty decent actually, a lot better than I was expecting. It doesn't quite live up to the amazing rumbling sensations of the mains powered wand I have tried. But lets be fair to it, it is only battery powered, and of the battery powered vibrators I have tried (quite a lot!) this is definitely the most powerful. However its vibrations are quite buzzy, which left me feeling a bit numb afterwards and unable to enjoy multiple orgasms.

It takes 4 standard AA batteries and being battery powered it means you can take it with you and use it wherever you are, if you so desire. Sometimes battery operated toys seem to lose their maximum vibrating power quite quickly as the batteries run out, but I've had this one on for about an hour now and its stamina is holding out. As the name implies it has 7 different vibrating functions:
  1. Low powered constant vibration
  2. Mid powered constant vibration
  3. High powered constant vibration

Then it's quite difficult to describe all the other vibration settings, they're basically just puslsating versions of the above with different lengths of pulse. I'm not usually one for this type of pulse setting, but I did actually find some of the settings on this wand to be of use. The manufacturer seems to have actually put some thought into what sensations people would like to feel whilst masturbating and put them into action, rather than the generic buzzing rhythms. The settings are controlled by two buttons, the first cycles through the settings and the other turns it off. Having a separate off function is a very useful feature, but when you turn it off it goes back to the first setting as default, meaning you can't keep turning it on and off at say setting 3 (which I would quite like to be able to do). Another point to mention - this toy is as loud as sin. Don't be thinking you're going to get away with a sneeky orgasm whilst your parents/children/flatmates are asleep in the next room. It is even more noisy than a mains powered wand, probably because it is buzzy rather than rumbly. So if noisy toys put you off, or aren't suitable for your circumstances, I'd stay (well) clear of this toy.

Personally I find this toy pretty hideous to look at in terms of design. The combination of different shades of lilac and the dated looking font of the logo means it looks like something that has come straight out of a dodgy porno, or your mom's bedside drawer. To add to this there are the devil red lights that light up and tell you which setting your on, filling your room with an eerie red glow if you have the lights out. However it is very functional, and the lights are quite a useful indicator, if a little off putting. Appearance overall is far from some of the more modern, sleek and sexy toys around now.

An interesting feature of this toy is that it comes with an adapter for the tip of the wand which transforms the tip into a standard magic wand size. This allows you to use any attachments you may have for standard wands with this product. Unfortunately we are yet to purchase any wand attachments, so I am unable to comment on the efficacy of this. I can however say that the vibrations transmit fairly well through this plastic attachment, and are only dampened slightly.

Overall this Wand Essentials vibrator is a very functional toy, but not the sleekest of designs. It does however fill a niche in the market of a powerful wand type vibrator that is portable. If it's power on the move that you're after, or you don't want the hassle of having to be near a plug socket, then I would recommend this product to you. But do bear in mind its downfalls in terms of appearance and noise.

He says:

Not possessing a clitoris, my part of this review is going to be brief. I do have a few comments however. Initially, I was fairly unconvinced as to the use of a battery powered wand. It is not as compact as a bullet or finger vibe, and not as powerful as a mains powered wand. Also taking 4 AA batteries means that this could rapidly get expensive if it gets regular use. However, on reflection I feel the size actually occupies a useful niche, particularly if like Lucy you travel a lot and like a lot of power. This is much easier and more discrete to fit in an over night bag that your average wand, and significantly more powerful than a finger vibe. It is also easier to hold for long periods than a full-sized wand.

There is a button to cycle through the settings and a separate on off button. I'm not normally a fan of patterns as opposed to continuous vibrations, but the patterns on this are all pretty high frequency and high powered. As Lucy says, it sounds like a swarm of angry bees in use. However, I am not quite as offended by the looks as she is - but to each their own (and I am a guy, and therefore biologically programmed not to care about these things).

Rather thoughtfully this wand includes an adaptor that can be added to the head to allow it to take full sized wand attachment. The soft sleeve on the existing head can also be removed top allow small wand attachments to be used, but is slightly tricky to replace if you do so.

The battery compartment of this toy is a pain in the ass. The batteries kind of ping out as you insert them into the holder. I found this pretty infuriating: I imagine I would get quite violent if this was getting in the way of me masturbating.

In itself this wand is pretty functional and effective. It is compact and powerful for its size so great for if you're on the move. But if you want something high powered on a frequent basis you might want to consider whether a mains-powered vibrator would be more cost-effective (and environmentally friendly) in the long run.

Thank you again to Sex Health for sending us this product to review.

P.S. Sorry these pictures aren't the best, the weather has been absolutely abysmal for days now, and at the moment I'm relying on natural light, two desk lamps and a soft box I've made out of a cardboard box and grease proof paper. I ordered some studio lights last week which should help improve our photography on days like today! Will probably replace these with some new ones when I get the chance.

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