Friday 29 June 2012

Review: PicoBong Kiki

She Says:

PicoBong: the slightly-more-affordable love child of Lelo. Their branding, swanky website and stylish designs all lead you to think that their products are going to be great, right? Well, on this evidence at least, wrong. To be fair, I can't make a swooping statement about all their products just on the basis of Kiki, but if this is what their basic clitoral vibrator has to offer I'm not holding out much hope for the rest of the range.

OK, so I could go on about all the positive points about this vibrator; the ergonomic shape and controls, the silky soft material it is made from and the vibrant pop-art colour. However, all of these aspects are completely irrelevant when you consider the fact that this pretty little object is actually meant to function as a vibrator; when in fact all it does it create a little bit of a tingling sensation between your legs.

In PicoBong's own words Kiki is "Fine-tuned for direct C-spot focus – ready, aim, orgasm!". For a start, C-spot?! That's a new one to me. And ready, aim, orgasm... if only it was that easy. In fact I have not been able to make myself orgasm with this toy at all, and it's not for a lack of trying. I've tried multiple times in several different states of arousal. I've even tried warming myself up with something else and trying to use the Kiki right at the end just to tip me over the edge, but alas with no avail. Some of you may in fact think that I am being a little bit harsh, you may know that I am a bit power hungry when it comes to vibrators. However, I have in the past given positive reviews to toys which I've found a bit too weak for my liking, and explained that they may be suitable for people who can get-off on more subtle vibrations than myself. But even those toys were able to get me aroused, able to bring me close to the point of orgasm: Kiki really does virtually  nothing for me. 

If you want to know more about the technical specifications of this product I'd check out the PicoBong website. Thank you PicoBong for sending us this product to review, I hope that you take note of its serious lack of power and do something to fix it, because I like the idea of a lower priced but still quality range. Until those changes are made though, I have to say that the Kiki is one to avoid. 

He Says
This vibrator is pretty, but unfortunately extremely feeble (even for something powered by a single AAA battery). Do not buy unless that sounds like something that would appeal to you. Otherwise you can do a lot better for a lot cheaper. I could pad that out into a couple of paragraphs, but that is all I have to say really.

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