Monday 23 July 2012

Review: Nexus Revo

He Says:

The Revo in the name of this prostate massager is I think short for Revolution, simultaneously referring both to the cyclic rotating movement and a radical, paradigmatic change. It is in my view clear from the marketing that Nexus reckon that they are onto something revolutionary in this toy.

The form of this plug doesn't look very revolutionary. It is shaped like a pretty standard prostate massage, albeit with an unusually chunky base. This base houses two AA batteries and a motor to provide vibrations. So far so normal. But the reason the base is so massive is that it also contains a second motor, and a gearbox. These provide the revolution part of the Revo, rotating the head of the toy around slowly and powerfully. The idea of this is that the Revo really does act as a massager, stroking insistently and repetitively against the prostate.

Before I talk about how this works in practice, I want to talk about price. We don't usually discuss price much in this blog. This is partly because it can vary quite substantially depending on the store, any sales available, or how old the toy is when you are reading this review. The other reason is that it is really up to you  to decide how much you are willing or able to spend on a given toy, and determine whether a toy sounds like it would be worth it to you, or not, on the basis of the descriptions and opinions we and others provide. But the reason I am bringing up price is that, at the moment at least, the Revo is priced at around £120. That is definitely in the luxury toy end of the market. However, this toy really doesn't look luxurious: It is bulky; the base is made of a grim-looking gray plastic which would not be out of place on a cheap car dashboard; it is not waterproof (a big problem for an anal toy if you ask me); and at that price you really would expect a toy to be rechargeable. Furthermore, the battery compartment cap doesn't quite fit correctly on my Revo, and on a couple of occasions I have found a small amount of lube has leaked in there, and I have had to very carefully try to clean it out.

None of the above are fatal flaws, but they just make you feel that this toy has to do something extraordinary to justify the price tag.

Which it does.

The soft silicone skin means that the Revo is easily inserted with just a small amount of water-based lube. I find the shape fits me very well, sitting comfortably and securely inside me, with the head pressing firmly but not painfully against my prostate. I would definitely suggest a supine position for this toy as the large base gets in the way of sitting, and also blocks clear access to the sole button. This serves to control the power and cycle through the modes. For something with two independent functions of rotation and vibration  the Revo has very few settings of, in order: head rotation on, rotation and pulsing vibration; rotation and ramping vibration; off (not really sure this is a setting...). This is actually different to the description in the manual, which suggests there should be a continuous vibration mode with head rotation (which I think would be worthwhile).

As I try to make clear every time we review prostate toys, they don't really provoke much of a reaction in me. Some through poor design, but others act as they should: it is simply the case that I am not really sensitive to this kind of stimulation (I try to highlight which of these scenarios I believe is the case in each review). So when I turned the Revo on I received a bit of shock, of the most enjoyable variety!

The head is highly geared, making it very high torque, so the head rotates slowly but surely. And the feeling of it just sliding inexorably across my prostate over and over is heavenly. It almost kind of causes an intense, fluttery, butterfly-in-your-stomach type feeling. It is extremely relaxing; I often lie in place just letting the Revo work its magic whilst just casually playing with myself, or even just watching the telly. But it is also very arousing, with the vibrations providing just an extra little nudge of sensation to kick me over the edge. Although the Revo doesn't make me orgasm without any manual assistance, it does really get me worked up, and adds a lot to my masturbatory routine. It is the only prostate toy that I actually choose to use on a regular basis.

So the Revo is expensive, and has quite a few design flaws. But I am willing to forgive these flaws as it does also provide a unique, addictive sensation which I just can't get enough off. For me, this toy really is in a different league to any prostate toys I have ever tried. I just can't wait for a Revo 2 because, given some finishing touches, this toy really could be something special.

She Says:

I'll keep my comments short and sweet, as the Revo is very much a boys toy. I just wanted to say that I was really pleased that Alex has found a prostate stimulator that he enjoys. It is clear from his reactions when he's using this that it puts him into a state of bliss. It is so relaxing and enjoyable to be able to snuggle up to him and give him a helping hand whilst he's using this, and is a great option if we want to leave him fully satisfied when we're both feeling a bit tired, as the toy itself does most of the work. As Alex has already commented, with a few minor tweaks I believe the Revo could be truly revolutionary!

Thanks again to Nexus for sending us the Revo in exchange for our honest review.

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  1. Wow, this toy seems awesome... Its unfortunate the price tag is so high, as I'd love to have the BF experience this as he is a big fan of prostate play.

  2. what about the Revo2 - did you get your hands on it and how does it compare ?