Monday 23 July 2012

Digitalis deceptico var. Tiani

Found this brand new sub-species of foxglove whilst out on a walk - amazing!

Lucy took this shot whilst we were on our honeymoon a couple of months ago now. So I found it a little creepy when Ness showcased a fabulous pink rose/squeel wheel combo a few weeks ago. Obviously great minds think alike. And I definitely think this should become a new, exceptionally niche, genre of photography: sex toys paired with the flowers they resemble. Any more examples?

Find out who else is playing by clicking on the link below:

Toy with me Tuesday

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  1. i really need to get one of these plants :p

  2. Gorgeous! This was our TWMT entry a couple of weeks ago which isn't nearly so clever, but meets the sex toys + flowers description:

  3. Love this! Flowers paired with sex toys sounds like a rather good idea...

  4. Just beautiful, one of my favorite flowers to; we have them growing wild in our fields, you actually have to look for this toy within the petals, love this!

  5. This is exceptional.

    The colours look amazing and are perfectly matched.

    I love how you took so many shots of toys in various places on your honeymoon. That's exactly the kind of thing I do when I'm away!

  6. Since seeing this photo last week I've been looking at various breeds of Foxglove while out walking. Flowers are truly beautiful!